The Sports Geek Breaks Down $19.5k Night in MLB

Kevin “The Sports Geek” breaks down his .5k night in MLB DFS.
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We’re back with another sports betting terms video. This video we’re talking about Limits. Limits are a great way to help you and the sportsbook stay in control and make sure the bettor is practicing good bankroll management. Limits are set to make sure exposure is limited and that the bettor isn’t overextending their resources. Let us know in the comments limits you set when placing your bets and why you think it’s so important!

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  1. Joobs0917

    Do you no longer do sports betting videos? Are you all about DFS now? Either way BOL!

  2. Andrew Bigham

    Can you email out a couple of your favorite players like you did for the NBA?

  3. TheScienceofArt

    you're picks at the end of the nba season were GARBAGE. but im happy u are having success with MLB.

  4. tri five

    Gave you a big thumbs up Kevin. I think your advice is great and I know everyone really appreciates the guidance. Unfortunately for me the state of Idaho, where I live, just decided to ban Draftkings and Fanduel so I can no longer play. Really enjoyed it too…..maybe something will change down the road.

    thanks again

  5. Chris

    Great stuff man….haven't won anything over 27 bucks but not giving up…great job on the second place finish

  6. ManMonkey600

    Good stuff as always.

  7. Anthony Childs

    Thanks for the breakdown, Kevin and congrats on another big win. Looking forward to your mlb model!

  8. Brandon B

    Great video! Keep it rolling!

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