The Sports Betting Fake Guru That Makes $100K A DAY

Today we evaluate whether Mazi VS is a fake guru or not. He is a popular social media sports bettor who claims to make millions betting sports.

In this video, I breakdown why gamblers claiming to be earning millions are frauds, why you shouldn’t buy anyone’s sports picks, and why Mazi VS doesn’t actually make his money gambling sports.

I show reasons why the casinos and sports books remove anyone who has an edge on the books and why it’s nearly impossible for handicappers to make money long term betting on sports.



  1. Cory Wilson

    So they are probably paying him to advertise for them

  2. Edgar M.

    Do vegas kings

  3. Aguilas De La America


  4. Nick Gibson


  5. Kate Wild

    Let me tell you the truth about gambling if you are a winning punter you will find it very hard to get your bets down

  6. Jordan Walsh

    I just had the worst loosing streak ever 😂 good video bro . Keep exposing these frauds 🤡 s

  7. E. B

    rich people will not tell you how they do it.

  8. JayBigDadyCy

    Sharps don't want to be known.

  9. Liki

    This guy is to much 🤣🤣

  10. Adam Little

    Maybe a strategy is to buy their picks, then bet against them 🤣

  11. Beauty Diore

    I've never trusted anyone that is flashy. Most flashy people are always broke.
    You can have money, but things are subtle. Thanx fir this info and video

  12. Ceazar da great

    Spencer you is hating on mazivs

  13. Gamecocks

    There's a sucker born every minute. P.T. Barnum. I know i will catch @#$% but if Mazi VS makes a living then so be it. It's the other individuals who need to learn the lesson. Make that Money and get out.

  14. Jerry Neil

    Who would have a Ryan Leaf jersey one of the biggest bust in NFL history. He lost me on that one

  15. Boronda 420

    Mazi tried to bring back mtv cribs. But no body cared lmao hahahahah

  16. Lara O'neal


  17. PutCall Ratio

    Dude you sound like a HATER

  18. all my friends are dead


    I don’t even bet and listen to this while I work out or at work but damn I felt like he was talking to me personally 💀💀

  19. I forgot my password again

    I just wouldn't be on social media flashing stacks of cash. can you say " Target?"

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