The Pat McAfee Show Picks & Predicts Every Game For NFL's Week 18

The Pat McAfee Show Picks & Predicts Every Game For NFL's Week 18

The Pat McAfee Show Picks & Predicts Every Game For NFL's Week 18

This is a conversation from The Pat McAfee Show LIVE from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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The 14th episode of our new weekly series!

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  1. cokeman

    what happend to chatting about the lions on monday?

  2. Tom

    Packers lost lol. Pats meak ticket is gone lol

  3. Faizal Iqbal


  4. OnePride81

    New Hierarchy in the NFC North. The Lions didn’t even have a good game and still came out with another win and swept the Pack this year. Not to mention all the cap room and draft capital they have this off-season. 5-1 in the division and this team will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

  5. Hatters House 710

    Never, and I mean never doubt the heart of the Detroit Lions again!

  6. Spencer Kelly

    Pat McAfee I lost a lot of respect for you this week with disrespecting Dan Campbell and my Lions. Wake up.

  7. xvCheckmate

    You guys missed so hard this week haha. GO LIONS

  8. Jean S

    Men lie women lie numbers don’t. Rodgers don’t get it done! Countless times he has failed!

  9. Anthony L

    ONE PRIDE!! Cant wait for pat to eat crow!

  10. Jean S

    Rodgers def not on Brady level! Can’t win Rodgers!

  11. Riley Kijek

    Do you guys hire interns? If so when and where would one apply?

  12. Charlie Sandberg

    Roughing the sack on the passer?


    Well that titans pick was bad lol jags run the afc south

  14. Blu J

    Vikings are playing at 4pm. Anything is possible.

  15. Ryan David

    As a lions fan I like the picks,
    Cause they picked wrong on the first 2 game’s already who picks the raiders to cover when Kansas City is playing for something and raiders are on the backup qb..
    Jaguars win as that was a 50/50 game I think with all the circumstances..
    Now we need the hawks to take a L to baker.
    And lions to play like the 7-2 team not the 1-6 team in Greenbay..
    Not likely to all play out but hope on the last game of the season is something different

  16. Bryce Green

    Well glad I didn't go with there picks they haven't won me any money this season

  17. Crimson Eagle

    Lol the Thumbnail for this video had Chargers 23 and Dolphins 17 so you were right on the Thumbnail bc that was actual score, but wrong in the video lol RIP

  18. its not evan

    no way tps really just predicted the chargers game and actually got it correct

  19. A1dan

    Prediction: In a loss to broncos Patrick will get picked of 5 times in a 34-38 loss

  20. Eliza Frake

    By the way for the Dallas game Texans 30 cowboys 27


    My prediction is Steelers win 21-13 in a great game.

  22. Evan Tallent

    Pats beat cardinals by 10+ points as Mac Jones breaks out throwing 200+ yards

  23. Matt836

    Bold Prediction the eagles will score a touchdown every drive

  24. Bigbrainmario 789

    Bengals beat browns 31-20

  25. Colin Swanson

    Eagles beat Giants 27-10 and Devonta Smith has a TD

  26. ThatTexanCLIPS

    I betted with my buddy a box of Donut that the Texans would beat the cowboys 😂

  27. Jennifer Rosa

    I Have As A Really Bold Prediction Jets Beat Bill's By A Score Of 27 To 23 Because Sauce Gardener Gets A Game Winning Touchdown And Mike White Gets More Than 200 Yards

  28. DrAkO3707

    Steelers beat the Ravens, don't turn the ball over, get at least 2 picks, and run for at least 130 yards

  29. C

    Carolina Wins 23-20 with foreman going for 128 yards running

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