The Haters Guide to the 2021 NFL Draft

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I love draft time. It’s a span where we all think we’re the GM’s of our team and completely overreact to every selection. The picks are pre-analyzed, analyzed, and re-analyzed over and over again. Draft day, in itself, has become a business. This is why I like to jump on the pile and pretend my opinion matters (that’s cute, isn’t it?)

How will these comments blow up in my face this time around? The last few years have been good for that, and I look forward to seeing it happen again. As it has always been written.


  1. Lukas Dobe

    Approaching the third year of this class, this may be the best draft class in a long time. The first round is studded with stars, and none shine brighter than Mac Jones

  2. Paul Weston

    Watching this after 2 seasons is really interesting. Just goes to show nobody knows until these players actually PLAY! That said it's still mind-boggling Watching the Raiders F-up not One but TWO 1st round picks is still sad/funny as Hell.

  3. Adwm

    Looking back, this first round is absolutely stacked

  4. the man

    Except for Trevor Lawrence, these 2021 QB's are already in limbo
    (Thank you Giants for drafting Toney, so Jacksonville could draft Etienne)

  5. 2OlympicFan

    annnnd Zack became a bust. I guess the only thing the Jets can do is Stall.

  6. MrMisties

    The amount of people who passed on Micah Parsons is insane to me

  7. Charlie Bowen

    Why do they all look so unhappy??

  8. R Fun

    Watching a raycon commercial with raycons


    Coming back here just to say two words ; Zach Wilson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. What it be Scotty B

    I think we can agree that the Ja’Marr Chase pick was pretty good in hindsight

    Edit: Sewell going to my Motor City Kitties was great pick. You said he would be good, and you’re right

  11. Luke Nave

    This draft was fuckin loaded

  12. FallenHeroSc 2

    pick 5 aged so well ngl

  13. Parker Davis

    Here after Jaycee Horn put up better stats than PS2 but will be forever slept on for no reason.

  14. Mr. Jones

    Well, he DID say Wilson would be boom or bust…

  15. The Kingbarrelmaker

    2:12 Said moments before disaster. The Jets selected a dude that got benched for Chris Streveler, a former backup QB in the CFL.

  16. Jack C

    micah parsons is the guy 😭🫡⭐️

  17. COLTS8288

    This aged like shit💀

  18. Sir Moony

    Ryan Leaf-esque deja-vu anyone?

  19. Gaurav Agochiya

    Another vid with 1 million views. A sight to truly behold.

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