The EVIL Truth About Sports Betting | Watch This Before You Place Another Bet



I made this channel to grow my personal brand and the best way I know to do that is to GIVE YOU HUGE VALUE FREE. So that’s what this channel is about.

In the last 13 years:

* I played some small-school college basketball before dropping out as a 20-year old virgin
* I got good with girls
* I became a millionaire at 24 as a Dating Coach for men
* I sold over Million Dollars online (I spent a ton of it on dumb stuff)
* I taught others how to make money online then called it quits because it wasn’t fulfilling
* I have other online businesses in health and the VR space. I don’t share specifics on them because it’s already hard, I don’t need more competition

My obsession is marketing. I love it.

Now that was a lot of sentences starting with “I”. Let’s talk about you:

You’re on this channel if you’re looking to get better at my main topics:

1. Figuring out your BIG, HUGE, THROBBING VISION for yourself and dominating your path in life
2. Mastering your High-Status Sub-Communications so you act like the badass you were meant to be
3. Living past 100 and looking/feeling young
4. Releasing your emotional blocks so you become YOUR OWN SOLID OBJECT in life
5. Copy/Persuasion because it’s my favorite thing to talk about and can make you rich



  1. Michael S.

    thats a con game people used to do that with the stock market

  2. Dick Keith

    Simpsons already did it.

  3. ekcoylejr

    I have no idea what he's talking about. Thank you ytube.

  4. vincent torres

    You gonna buy picks and bet on the other team?

  5. Andrew Taweel

    This is an old tactic used by investment firms.

  6. Christopher Wilkinson

    So there is only 1 game ?

  7. Arcadeic

    I’ve cleaned offices for these types of betting people in Vegas. Whiteboards with their real name and then like 5 different fake names for different days or events. Super scummy

  8. Joseph Thames

    Bro, what is this man talking about?

  9. Successful Username

    Darren Brown did this.

  10. Henry hillbilly

    I am just getting into gambling but it all feels so wrong.

  11. Mode Designer

    Lol people like this are actually pathetic. Just making shit up

  12. Nguyen TT

    I would of left after that. Wth is he saying

  13. Michael McGee

    It's not evil. It's business. A gambling business.

  14. Aussie713

    I don't get it? anyone wanna explain this to me?

  15. Wendi Adelson Is Evil

    This bullshittt no 50k deals

  16. Meatball6243

    What the fuck are you even talking about?? My slips from the casino are longer than CVS receipts because i NEVER throw money on one side unless you know its going to be a cake walk and thats the only time i will make straight bets, othwr than that im covering the board

  17. Steven H

    If you can pick winners why would you ever need another business(selling picks)? Think about it. They're all frauds

  18. ryan vagen

    The games are manipulated for entertainment. Online gambling is arguably the biggest industry on the planet. There is too much money at stake to let the games be random. Just look at this last weekend, so many clear as day manipulated games.

  19. Biden Has Dementia

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard

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