The ESPN FC crew PRAISES Ancelotti’s handling of Rodrygo after substitution

The ESPN FC crew discusses Carlo Ancelotti’s confrontation with Rodrygo after a substitution during Real Madrid’s 3-2 win against Villarrel.

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Check out the highlights as Dortmund blanks Leverkusen, 2-0 with aggressive defense and Karim Adeyemi & Edmond Tapsoba each scoring a goal.


  1. Olacío Eduardo

    This dude was happy af to headline this 😂 😂

  2. Jace

    These old guys making situations like this that more or less run of the mill cringe

  3. Amir‌Hossein‌

    Perfect video and content 👏

  4. Thisisallajoke

    Didn’t get the best out of players at Everton but it’s Everton so.. give him the benefit of the doubt there😂

  5. Justin Kingsley

    I wonder why they are making it a big deal, he was just unhappy, he has right to feel a certain way but can be talked into understanding

    Not today that people started being unhappy when subbed.
    I wonder why they are making it a news because ancelotti talked to him.
    There have been worst case scenarios when even the manager brings out hand to shake they player but then the player ignores him

    Here I don't think ancelotti brought out hand to shake him, he just worked to his sit unhappy

  6. Lwando Madikizela

    Carlo is a strong manager. No player can step out of line when he's in charge.

  7. Dan M

    Ancelotti isn't Ten Hack. Players need to prove themselves or take a break and earn it back.

  8. Edwin Sparda

    No neymars and no more ronaldo-esque egos at Real Madrid.

  9. razzak b3eru5

    Mbappe take notice.

  10. Gerardo Torres

    Jose mourinho would bel Like ‘ Their is A trader among Us ‘😼❗️❗️

  11. Say Tun Foo

    Rodrygo should get in touch with Piers Morgan immediately and do an interview on how Carlo Ancelotti disrespected him.

  12. Banjberry

    Ale for president! always spot on!

  13. Roman Kojo

    Snakes! If this was Mourinho yall would be digging his grave by now

  14. Alen Fora

    Ancelotti real boss and offcourse mourinho

  15. dany P

    Ali's analysis always on point but always lingers a little too long

  16. Hayati Mofire

    Ancelloti had played 94 world cup against Mike emenalo, Chelsea Director, it's the only time emenalo would change and train with Chelsea players, incidentally Carlo coached Chelsea more than one time because of that mutual respect.

  17. Milk Tea

    If you wanna behave like that you literally have to be Messi or Ronaldo in their primes.

    They never really acted up, but if those two did in their primes they probably could’ve fired everybody just to keep them happy.

    You can’t just be a good player on a good team that wins, you have to be a game changing player that’s been proven for the last 7 years to be able to have any affect when wining to management.

  18. The Red Hall - Talk Manchester United

    The guy has coached Maldini, Ramos, Terry, Gattuso and Pepe and you think Rodrygo would be a prob to him??

  19. John F

    Yes don Carlo one of the best coaches in the world

  20. Off The Hook Productions

    6:14 the Bayer player could have gone another 20 yards without being offside! Why he held his run is a frustrating mystery to leverkusen fans! 🤷

  21. Isaac Hamilton

    What a beautiful dummy by Haller

  22. Alex Puente


  23. Arcturus Flame

    Frimpong & diabys pace is scary they neeed to be premier league bound

  24. Sportskits

    Adeyemi inform coming in for Danny Arraons

  25. Gabriel Alvarado

    Anthony modeste and baller do not make sense for Dortmund. 😢

  26. Sam Dowdy

    All of us praying adayemi gets an inform for Danny Aaron’s adayemis army

  27. Mack McGowan

    Finally Bundesliga isn’t just a 1 team league with Bayern Munich failing to do the business so far this calendar year!

  28. Blaise A

    6:14 why was Diaby trying to play inside here when the was clearly an extra man further back? I’m genuinely confused

  29. aka_sphen

    diaby needs to be taught how to pass. so many chances lost

  30. Kenneth Q


  31. Carlitos 8

    Dortmund defense is atrocious


    4:37:51 Let’s simply take a moment to congratulate how much hours and work was placed in the vid!?
    It's incredible, and I think they justify a lot more than that

  33. detfool

    At least the Bundesliga is better that Ligue 1

  34. Kevin Uchiha

    I still love xabi alonso

  35. Cesar Romero

    Kobel is so good

  36. Yauert

    Leipzig dortmund freiburg frankfurt and union berlin all breathing down Bayern's neck. Hope at least 1 one of them will keep up for the rest of the season.

  37. D U

    Bayer Leverkusen were by far the better team today!! The just couldn’t finish their chances of either due to Kobel making a ton of saves or not finishing it off!! And Dortmund have not been brilliant lately as defensively they will keep being vulnerable unless there are changes to the back line!! Dortmund need to stop being a developing club and be a competitive club!!

  38. 4th Genna - The Champ

    Nottingham Forest are in advanced negotiations with Atlético Madrid to secure the signing of Felipe 😂

    Nottingham Forest are on verge of signing Jonjo Shelvey. Their 25th signing since promotion 😮🤯😬

  39. 4th Genna - The Champ

    If I'm not mistaken I think 7 points separate 5th from 1st in the BL

    Sorry it's actually 5 points separate 6th place from 1st

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