The Difference Between Trading and Sports Betting

Patrick Keane, CEO of The Action Network, joins Josh Brown and Michael Batnick at The Compound to discuss the future of sports betting and how it compares to trading.

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Sports betting is often advertised, and disguised, as part of the game: you, your friends, and a bit of money on your favorite team. But it’s addictive, costly and it’s big business across Africa. We go to Kenya to find out just how big the industry has become.

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  1. michael carpenter

    How have you not seen Two for the Money…

  2. #ESBC SportsBetting And Financial Podcast

    Action network 💯 scam. Analytics proven scientifically not to work in Football ; they stealing peoples money like Maddoff and will crash

  3. Colin Morris

    This is why its better to do sports trading on an exchange like Betfair exchange rather than placing betters with a bookmaker. With an exchange you cna hedge both sides of the trades, scalp do so much more than just straight out binary betting.


    Lovely Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you tried – Riddleagan Kings Software Remedy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good one off product for getting an automated betting software minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend Sam after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

  5. TwelfthRoot2

    betting on a parlay doesn't have to be dumb money. If you think the odds are in your favor on two games (i.e. the odds makers got it wrong), then parlaying them multiplies your advantage.

  6. Terence Trent Watford .

    The bald fella is very rude . He butts in too much in my opinion .

  7. Greg Wisinski

    There are no stops in gambling. Bad bets are 100% loss, a proper trade allows an exit with capital mostly in tact.

  8. Pd Legend

    Creator of a sports betting site and hasnt seen Two For The Money????? Something fishy here… being a broker and not knowing who Gordon Gecko is……

  9. Philip Taylor

    Absolutely no difference. Active trading is gambling.

  10. Josh Cota

    Coming from someone who loves investing and loves sports but just left his fantasy football league, this was a terrific discussion that really examines the parallels between sports betting and investing. That being said, here come the degenerate weekly option traders trying their luck in the sports betting market! Love the podcast guys.

  11. Chris Johnson

    What are the online gaming stocks that will be in this arena?

  12. upndn

    Very interesting. Might have to get back to college football betting!

  13. Snakeonia

    Parlays are not just for suckers but the major issues with parlays are the payout structures. 5 game parlay should pay 31-1 true odds. Sportsbooks usually only pay you back 20/25-1. Take to big of cuts out of EV. as a gambler and surviving 20 years floating to making a little along the way and seeing all the broken bodies along the way this is a major vice and a lot of people will get wiped out. Tread lightly

  14. Daniel Sigal

    A minute in I thought "Oh they should have Barstool come in and talk about their betting content." Then I Googled Action Network and saw they're owned by Chernin Group which owns Barstool haha

  15. jmacdonster

    A parlay is a lower probability bet because the probability of two independent outcomes is the product of the individual outcomes (probabilities are always less than 1, so if you multiply you get a smaller probability). Thinking a parlay is a good bet is an example of the conjunction fallacy ( This is the exact opposite of compound interest – if you do a parlay on five games that each have equal odds, the probability of success is 0.5^5, or just over 3%. Not a good bet

  16. ohprballer

    Great discussion guys

  17. Yard Limit

    Good information. Thanks!

  18. David

    Fantastic conversation. Thanks, gentlemen.

  19. jeff aganda

    what is Boni doing here?tutabet bado we are Adults bana hehehehe,Betting is for Adults,you bet responsible,its a part time sports

  20. Nsong Antoine

    The government makes alot of money from this. Often in Africa this money goes to fuel the corrupt political machinery.
    They should rather use this money to provide social services such as free universal healthcare.

  21. Joyrider KE

    Great work bro Obae Brian

  22. fjellyo32

    Investing in stocks or ETFs is the better gambling.

  23. DW The 77 Percent

    Have any of our DW Africa followers been involved in sports betting in any way? And what's your experience of it?

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