The 2021 NFL Draft Class Is Becoming Legendary

The 2021 NFL Draft Class Is Becoming Legendary

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  1. Crystal Felts

    The fact that we could go thru this whole video without even mentioning Devontae Smith shows just how insane this class is.

  2. Placeholder McGavinport


  3. Cole Carnes

    And the raiders took alex leatherwood

  4. RyTrapp0

    As a Cowboys fan, it's SO relieving now that they have a pretty much unanimously considered legit ELITE player with Micah Parsons. It's damn frustrating to follow a team that's having a great season, racking up wins and a nice record – but, don't have an ELITE player like Parsons. When 2 top teams face off in a hard fought game when it really counts, the team that has the elite player(s), most often overcomes the team that doesn't, because those are the players that can actually 'show up when it matters most', and do so against NFL level talent(I don't quite think fans appreciate the talent level across the ENTIRE NFL a lot of times; if top college players are the "1%" of top high school players, the NFL is the "1%" of top college players, and players like Parsons are the "1%" of the NFL!). And, when you don't have that at the end of a close game, man that's a shitty feeling lol.

  5. CMP_18

    You know this draft is crazy when Smith and St Brown aren’t mentioned. I believe Jevon Holland wasn’t mentioned either which like cmon now. Insane draft

  6. Chompazz

    if i was the 49ers i trade for mac jones i think he a better player than trey

  7. Leith Mascari

    As a bears fan, I’ll be honest, I clicked on this video to hear good things about Justin fields

  8. Bromodo Dragon


  9. Travis House

    No mention of Amon-Ra St. Brown?? the guy is a superstar in the making.

  10. kyle

    landon dickerson has had two better seasons then vera tucker you must hate the eagles

  11. NikeSimmons

    Draft class straight up stacked my god … didnt hit me till you mentioned pitts and PS3 jeeeeez

  12. Anthony Ray

    Good video bro

  13. Aaron Deifel

    There are no arguments for Waddle>Chase as far as best offensive player in the class.

  14. Soham Sethi

    Talanoa Hufunga

  15. donny

    man he didn’t even mention devonta smith once 😩 bro gets overshadowed by aj brown but still is ballin out with the birds

  16. Timothy Hester

    Devonte smith?

  17. Cody Austin

    My favorite part about Parsons is he hasn't even grown into his man body yet. Dude is going to be insane.

  18. Samuel Hiatt

    Very good players from this draft:

    QB: Fields?
    RB: Najee, Javonte, Carter, Rhamondre, Mitchell, KHerbert
    WR: JaMarr, Waddle, DSmith, Bateman, EMoore, RMoore, Amon-Ra
    TE: Pitts, Freiermuth
    OL: Sewell, Slater, Darrisaw, Dickerson, Creed

    DL: JPhillips, Rousseau, Barmore, Onwuzurike, Odighizuwa, AMcneill, Oweh
    LB: Parsons, ZCollins, JOK, Bolton
    DB: Horn, Surtain, Newsome, Stokes, ASamuel, JHolland, Hufanga

    ST: McPherson

    And there are just the ones that I recognize from looking at the class. There could be many that I missed. Absolutely nuts draft class.

  19. Josh

    I wish the titans could actually draft, this team would be much better than it already is. Instead, Jon Robinson cannot draft to save his life, especially in the 1st round.

  20. Ashwin Murty

    that lsu team in 2019 is gonna have at least 3 nfl hall of famers on it which is crazy for a college team

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