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Super Bowl 56 betting preview from The Favorites podcast. NFL expert Chad Millman and professional sports bettor Simon Hunter break down the line movement, total, best bets, and more for Super Bowl 2022. Subscribe the The Favorites podcast here:

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  1. Aquarius

    It's not ethical to bet money on ppl, I noticed when I used to bet I have an artificial feeling
    when watching the game as opposed to when I no longer bet I feel more honest & open to enjoy
    no matter what happens.

  2. Alex

    I never bet the super bowl. You know every player with a prop bet is thinking how can i feed my friends and family. Not to mention putting your hard earned money on players with CTE. Thats a no.

  3. Keith White

    Check it out this is the year of the 🐅 Tiger

  4. Rey TheKing

    Im a RAM fan nd I feel like we already beat the hard teams, i feel 100% confident that this is our year …. Buccs almost beat us but it was for 2 turnover from the rookie Akers but vs niners we saw a good deffense and offense, maybe we didnt score alot but niners defense is one of the top rank!!

  5. Stefano

    30th ranked offensive line in pass block win rate vs Rams DL, that's why it's moved that way.

  6. The Bodega ATL

    Kind of like that whole idea about the adjusted line… 🤔


    Dude if Mahomes didn't throw that late INT, the Bengals were done. Now I don't see 9 sacks in the SB, but I do see the Rams creating tunrovers. I think whomever controls the trenches wins. And I don't see Stafford being pressured more than what the 9ers brought. RAMS by 6+ EASY.

  8. RamsnDodgersfan

    Let me point out what the.pros are seeing on paper (analytics). Both Oline and Dline have a significant atvantage on paper. The Rams offense and defense both are ranked higher on paper. Even with stafford throwing very few passes in the first playoff game, his playoff numbers are much better than Burrows.
    He has been the best 4th q quarterback in the regular season and playoffs.
    Also, the Rams were really close to having 3 straight blowouts in the playoffs. The blowout vs the cards could have been even bigger if not for their own errors. The Buc game should have been a 20+ win if not for 3 fluke t/os. Also, it's a big deal when you beat a team when you lose the t/o battle by 2…means you are significantly better. The Niner game was a bit misleading. At half the Rams had dominated the game yards and time, but by fluke were behind. Ramsey dropped a sure pick 6 and one other int. Kupp and their 4th wr dropped a sure td. If the Rams played close to clean that could have been a blowout. And though they lost in week 18. When they got the ball back with 3:xx left they had a 96% to win. Kind of a fluke they lost.
    On paper it would appear if they play clean or close to it they are the best team in the NFL. On paper the Bengals look like the 3rd best team in the AFC that got lucky Maholms played horrible in the 2nd half.
    That said, i get that the Rams don't play clean 4 quarters and don't cover.

  9. RamsnDodgersfan

    The reason the early smart money is on the Rams is because most of the analytics are in favor of the Rams. That doesn't mean they are going to win, and the "most games are close" logic is good. You take a good team getting more than a fg you have 2 ways to win.

  10. Blaqmench

    How the Rams don't have Homefield when the they're playing in Los Angeles! 🤦🏿‍♂️

  11. Leo

    This year in Chinese is the year of the TIGER, so according to the Chinese Zodiac the Bengal is going to win.

  12. Norman Herbert

    Bengals might not have the best defensive line
    But they have the 3rd best secondary, Rams secondary is ranked 25th 26th
    Going to have to run the ball to open up the pass, who noteworthy on the Rams is going to run the ball
    Stafford likes to throw interceptions Cincinnati likes to intercept
    Stafford is not a mobile QB
    Burrows is
    This is a disaster for the Rams
    A. Donald better have on his running shoes as he will be getting dusted by Burrows all day
    The Pro's are going to have a bad day and lose a lot of $$$
    Considering the above and the fact Cincinnati put the clamps on KC high powered offense 2 times and
    Burrow and Chase have never lost a playoff game stemming from LSU
    I'm actually thinking Cincinnati can win this game
    The battle will not be on the defensive and offensive lines, but the battle will be in the secondary

  13. Michael Finley

    Really? The Rams "don't have any home field advantage" in their OWN STADIUM? They may be officially the visitors, but this is their home field! You guys didn't mention Rams best defense of the two teams vs Bengals worst offensive line of the two teams. Aaron Donald is going to eat Joe Burrow's lunch, over and over and over again.

  14. Brad Lafferty

    I took Rams minus four, lock it in

  15. Mitch Uritz

    Why the pro gamblers are backing the Rams

    Bengals eeked bye the Raiders…
    Rams blew out the Cardinals
    Rams retired the goat.
    Bengals barely beat a crappy titans team.
    Rams took out the hottest team in the NFL
    SF 49ers
    Bengals amazing 3 touchdown rally against the Chiefs.
    Who’s defense is still suspect.
    Rams beat the Niners who’s defense just knocked out Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay at the packers.

  16. Mitch Uritz

    Rams have a multitude of players with Super Bowl experience.
    Experience is key!

  17. Teaser King69

    Tease the bengals and the under

  18. OG Grinder

    Lesssgooooo Rams

  19. Kris Perkins

    This one is easy the Rams have a better defensive line more veterans they have been there once and loss ,the Rams also have a better coach ,the QBs are equal neither a run threat ,this game will come down to who wants it most ,the Rams have more reasons to win now ,my money is on the Rams if Burrow comes out swinging and wins for his team l can live with him being the next great QB in the NFL but l believe that will be to good to be true for him ,betting for me is all about risk assessment ,l think we will know early if Burrow is ready for greatness

  20. John M

    Show me proof anyone had rams to win the super bowl. This guy keeps saying he knows all these people who took em. Show us betting receipts. These two guys are rookies. We heard this last year how chiefs would roll

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