Steve Wilks’ lawyer releases statement after Frank Reich hire | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Mike Florio and Peter King dissect the potential legal action to come as a result of hiring Frank Reich, after Steve Wilks’ lawyer accuses the NFL of “a legitimate race problem.” #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #SteveWilks
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Steve Wilks’ lawyer releases statement after Frank Reich hire | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC
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  1. Anthony Church

    Wilks and Flores only hire white lawyers lol

  2. InDaWilderness

    Can i start suing people whenever i don't get a job? Is that just a thing you can do?

  3. dknox331

    Bottom line MOST of the owners are RACIST!!!!

  4. Anthony Myatt

    Good luck proving racial discrimination here. Wilkes didn’t make the playoffs, so he didn’t get the job. Its no more complicated than that.

  5. Idris Salaam

    Negro League of Professional Football (NLPF) coming soon.

  6. Robert Frank

    Steve Wilkes got screwed. There is a race issue in the NFL .

  7. Darrell Ludlow

    Race card played. Go collect your check Mr. Wilkes – and then GTFO!

  8. Willie Little

    NOTHING will change until the PLAYERS stand up to the owners…When the owners pocket-books become threatened…that's when the owners will be open to meaningful change…owners are billionaires who do not see black and white…they see…GREEN…

  9. Craig Silver

    I am a panthers fan and felt ge deserved that job but honestly not smart to lawyer up in my opinion coach. Bad look. He was a top candidate and would have landed a good job somewhere else. Now teams will be hesitant to work with him even those that want him

  10. Maple Bear

    Steve Wilks coaching record. 9 wins and 19 losses. Yeah it's all about race cuz they hired a Super Bowl winning coach.

  11. Maple Bear

    You leftist tards are so backwards i swear. The NFL only has a race problem when an owner has to answer for who he hired based SOLEY on the color of their skin!! THAT is racism. Frank Reich got the fucking job, it's HIS JOB. The Panthers owner can hire who ever he wants for the job, he's the one paying. Stop making everything about race. If Steve Wilks was so good he'd have kept the Cardinals job!!

  12. Super Transformations

    Wilkes deserves that job end of story it pisses me off how the nfl is and always will be 🤦‍♂️

  13. A Keff

    These are all teams that suck. You think that the owners know their asshole from a hole in the ground? Lmao. This is foolishness

  14. Christopher S

    All of you breaking your necks to say there’s no racism involved, please tell me the last time a black HC was fired mid season (replaced by someone with no HC experience) and then rehired to the same position by another team. Just because nobody is yelling the “N” word doesn’t mean race isn’t prevalent in these decisions. Just look at the damn numbers

  15. Lance Jones

    "it's going to be incredibly had to prove." You know why? Because this decision was not based on racism. If it were based in racism it wouldn't be hard to prove. I think this Rooney rule is hurting black coaches. If Wilks was white we wouldn't be having this conversation, no one would care and the critics would say well he didn't deserve the job. Riech's record and back ground is more of what the owner was looking for. Wilks will get his opportunity at some point.

  16. Ryan Jacobson

    Every time a black coach is turned down for a head coaching job, does that entitle him to sue the the team/the NFL? When does this non-sense stop?

  17. Ryan Jacobson

    I'm shocked that a lawyer is siding with another lawyer and his entitled crybaby clients.

  18. CharlottesMoviephile

    This has to stop. Im in full support of Wilks lawsuit. Its honest insane to me that no one even gave this man a phone call for another job. Rhooney Rhule is a joke. These are dummy interviews and a waste of time.

  19. Ken Schortgen Jr

    Steve Wilkes did a horrible job in AZ… so much so he was fired after 1 year.

    Claiming he is a Head Coach after carrying an interim job in the worst division in football by winning a few games at the end is meaningless. Wilkes is a great coordinator, but not head coach material.

    Look at Bowles… failed in NY Jets, and could barely win with Tom Brady.

    IMO the only legitimate head coach who is decent is Flores, but he has cut off his nuts by his lawsuit.

    If the NFL had a race problem then there wouldn't be the prevalence of black QBs, blacks making up more than 50% of the players, and black GMs over the past decade.

    This obsession over race is destroying sports as much as allowing men dressed as women to play women's sports.

  20. kimchi4dinner

    As a 20+ yr NFL vet (fan). I didn't even get an interview. Obviously it's due to my Asian-white face. Zero Asian coaches – RACISM! Let me join you Wilkes/Flores. (Obviously I'm being cheeky.)

    Hopefully Frank does better in Car than Indy. I will be very surprised if he does. Let's see what happens in two to three years.

  21. boss

    49ers won the game just off field goals. I think they did it on purpose since Dallas missed four or five field goals the week before

  22. Collin Loretitsch

    And somehow cowboy fans still think there "America's team"

  23. Collin Loretitsch

    I really hope you cowboys fans didn't expect to win this game & go 2 super B. O wait…. cowboy fans think they go 2 super B EVERY YEAR!!!!!!

  24. W3ST CØAST

    Well that sux for the guy who got smoked with that last tackle of the game 🥴

  25. Sonya Prescott

    I like the cowboys I think there is a Prescott related to me

  26. Cheo White

    Fly eagles fly

  27. Ian Auld

    Told y’all it’s gonna be eagles vs giants 2.0 😂😂😂😂😂giants 7 49ers 7 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. supersevenn

    Dak is the most overrated QB in the league

  29. Anthony Z

    Love it F Dallas.

  30. justwannasay

    Turn out the lights the "Purdy" is over. For now.

  31. Brandon Larrabee

    I'm done with the NFL this s*** is becoming like the WWE how the hell Brock Purdy can't throw the ball when we've all been watching him throw the ball in the sidelines for 2 hours straight

  32. Nathan G

    3:17 is there a reason 86 didn’t block so Dak could score?

  33. Cubbies 2016

    It’s obvious how rigged the nfl and its refs are

  34. Ron Smith

    Gay team will lose today

  35. Jennifer everett

    Dak is a bummmmmmmmmmmmmm😣

  36. C. CEAZR

    Kellen needs to watch this Eagles game. Simple way to use the Easy 📚

  37. Tramendous Ary

    Counting grandmother hangout bubbie having j can

  38. ig2d

    At 2:06 QB scramble – there are 4 SF players completely open to the fight. Cant the QB lob the ball to them?

  39. Geovanni Campos


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