Stephen A. & JWill GET HEATED debating how much the Nets should value home court | First Take

Stephen A. & JWill GET HEATED debating how much the Nets should value home court | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams discuss how the NBA will look if Kyrie Irving wins a title this season with the Brooklyn Nets.
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Stephen A. challenges Dak Prescott for being a QB that ‘always says the right things’ | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Marcus Spears and Domonique Foxworth debate whether the Dallas Cowboys are headed in the right direction following a playoff loss against the San Francisco 49ers.
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  1. Be like Mike

    JWill is IDI*T! I don't know why he's out there!

  2. Evan Baker

    These 2 guys 🤢

  3. Dustin Delpilar

    Jay will looks real bad in this video

  4. D. A. B.

    Stephen A just gets dumber and dumber every day

  5. NeverFold Gaming

    SA have a point lol and it’s not SA fault at all!! Kyrie could just get boosted and get it over with. They are going to need him to play every game in the post season which will not happen.

  6. Robin Gipps

    Delusional.. the Heat will surprise everyone…. the Nets will not win a championship with those 3 guys

  7. xXMasterJ360Xx

    Yikes I see alot of Cowboy fans in the comment section…..

  8. NeverFold Gaming

    😂😂😂love SAS man

  9. zencoder24

    Bruh they should've uploaded the ENTIRE debate because these two was going at it lol

  10. King Austin

    Lol the Nets are the only team in the east that does not need home court advantage to win the eastern conference period point blank and J Will is speaking straight facts with everything he said


    Jay wanted to kry when Steven lied

  12. Jae Toner

    Kyrie living rent free in SAS head 😂😂

  13. Leonardo Dick

    Stephen didn't know what to say because he clearly lost this argument

  14. Icy Eskimo

    Get him j will

  15. KeyMajor

    Man you was just in the hospital and you haven't learned anything. Kyrie that man gotta be dreaming about you lol

  16. zencoder24

    Man I love J Will

  17. Mathhew Pariseau

    I Miss Charly already she didn't interrupt anyone she let them debate

  18. Ronald Ettus

    Jay Williams uses the techniques of interrupting and quibbling. His arguments are trivial, he is not worth listening to.

  19. Mont Gon

    Molly: you got thirty seconds
    SAS: I got more than that

    Lol they don’t GAF about nothing she be saying 😂

  20. LOKISlog7

    Two words: Russel Wilson
    Make the all Jerruh

  21. J Michael1837

    The Cowboys do have a ton of talent and should be deeper in the playoffs, Dak seems to be pretty good at QB, maybe it’s the coach

  22. Dreams

    Marcus Spears is basically explaining why Jerry won't hire a black coach

  23. Michael Nadler

    Molly: You have 30 seconds.
    Steven A: I have more than that.

    This right after we hear a lecture on power dynamics.

  24. original troll

    Molly: You have 30 seconds
    SAS: I got more than that 🤣🤣

  25. Irocthemule

    Y'all know there's more teams to talk about than America's team.Okay we get it and move on to the next team that are still playing.

  26. 6StringPassion

    One of the most ridiculous things the NFL continues to do in 2022 is plop down two turds on national TV every Thanksgiving with Dallas 💩 and Detroit 💩. Go figure.

  27. Jose Carranza

    Dak has had 6 seasons with the Cowboys now.
    It’s time for a new QB in Dallas.

  28. 6StringPassion

    It's one thing for a team to lose in the playoffs to a comparably talented team in an extremely competitive game. This was not that.

  29. Jerry Schultz

    Thats funny, coming from the person who NEVER says the right thing

  30. Chance Jensen

    Molly’s biggest problem is her poor timing in always chiming in in the middle of Stephen A’s verbal momentum.

  31. Grayson Waller nxt 2.0

    Dak is runner back not a QB

  32. A.tribecalledsuccess— on-ig

    Molly: you got 30 sec
    SAS goes on for 2 more min 😂😂

  33. Kevo The Goat

    Stephen a reaching once again with that Dak take

  34. Luis Berrios

    he his right Dak needs to start demaning more from his players

  35. Vinoth Rajadurai

    Russell Wilson…that's who Stephen A.

  36. Fuzzy Wuzzy

    If Mike McCarthy had any kind of power he will fire the oc He doesn't have any power that's why he doesn't fire him.

  37. Michael Fernandez

    Dan Quinn lmfaoooo Atlanta wants no parts of the so called defensive mind Quinn Lmaoo

  38. Garrus Vakarian

    Someday I hope someone goes on this trash show just to tell stephen A to shut the F up. Then they just walk off. Instant legend

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