Steelers Draft Grades: All 7 Rounds From The 2021 NFL Draft Feat. Najee Harris & Pat Freiermuth

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected 9 players in the 2021 NFL Draft and Chat Sports host Tom Downey is here to grade the Steelers draft. In the 1st round the Steelers drafted RB from Alabama Najee Harris. Harris is a bruising back who showed he was able to be a playmaker in the pass game out of the backfield in his final season at Bama. Pittsburgh also drafted TE Pat Freiermuth from Penn State with the #55 overall pick which should fill a big need for the Steelers.

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  1. Steelers Talk by Chat Sports

    Grade the Steelers draft! A, B, C, D or F

  2. gary davis

    Our best draft in years. Top RB, 2nd TE, top 3 center, top punter, starting middle lb and starting nickel back. 5 starters by mid season, maybe 6. Buddy will push Vince Williams.

    Your evaluation of Dan Moore will come back to bite you?

  3. abj5791

    Let us just be happy and look forward to the season and then judge. Let the professionals do what they do and let us watchers watch. I give them an A- or B+ according to my non- professional status. With the amount of talent that we have, if we can input a playbook that maximizes our strengths, who can stop us????

  4. Mar Tiller

    It doesn’t matter who your draft if you politically correct coaching staff sucks your team is still going to shock have a good day

  5. Tony Martinez

    I say A only because I see at least 3 starters in this draft

  6. AlmightyVibez

    Ohhh yea because you know more and scout better and watch/analysis film better than Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert and the whole staff. Bro this draft is B- minimum but it’s a good B+ to an A- if you actually know how to watch film.

  7. Mr HammerZz

    C+???? Hahahaha you know nothing. C+???? Best RB in entire draft, 2nd best tight end, and the best pulling center/ guard in the 3rd. C+?? Ok Mel kiper. GTFO get some real people that actually know this team in this channel. Do better.

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