Sportsbet TV: Paul Alster's free racing tips for Newbury and Warwick on Saturday 11th February

Sportsbet TV: Paul Alster's free racing tips for Newbury and Warwick on Saturday 11th February

Sportsbet TV: Paul Alster's free racing tips for Newbury and Warwick on Saturday 11th February

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September 2, 2022 – Paul Alster has offered his free racing longshot selections on SportsBet TV every weekend and at the main racing festivals since July 2020, showing consistent profits for his followers throughout the period.
He ended his first 12 months tipping at Sports Bet TV showing a superb £1886.50 profit to the suggested £10 E/W stakes on most selections, and the occasional recommended £10 win bet.

Paul has tipped a host of big-priced winners at Sports Bet TV including the unforgettable Jeff Kidder 80/1, the superb Yorkhill 66/1, Volatile Analyst 33/1 rec., No Speak Alexander 25/1, Glory And Fortune 20/1, Seeyouatmidnight 20/1 rec., Lola Showgirl 20/1, Agrapart 18/1, Vafortino 16/1 rec., A Wave of the Sea 16/1 rec., Flaming Rib 16/1, Sealiway 14/1, Make Good 12/1, Barnaviddaun 12/1 rec., Khaadem 12/1 rec., Bielsa 11/1, and many more at odds ranging from 5/1 – 10/1.

On May 22, 2021, he tipped a remarkable 1299/1 across-the-card treble at Goodwood, Haydock and The Curragh, while since the start of 2022 his regular three or four weekend selections have included plenty of winners as well as memorable big priced doubles at 353/1 and 230/1.
Don’t forget, he has also tipped a host of long-odds placed horses that have contributed to regular place doubles, trebles, and even a four-timer, all helping to keep the bookies at bay time and again.
Figures calculated based on nominal £10 E/W stakes all bets excepting occasional £10 win bets:

DECEMBER 2022 LOSS ❌£120
OCTOBER 2022 LOSS ❌£27
AUGUST 2022 PROFIT ✅ £373
JULY 2022 LOSS ❌ £125
JUNE 2022 LOSS ❌ £79
MAY 2022 PROFIT ✅ £407
APRIL 2022 PROFIT ✅ £100
MARCH 2022 LOSS ❌ £20
JANUARY 2022 LOSS ❌ £168
DECEMBER 2021 LOSS ❌ £200
NOVEMBER 2021 LOSS ❌ £201
OCTOBER 2021 PROFIT ✅ £376
AUGUST 2021 PROFIT ✅ £113
JULY 2021 LOSS ❌ £201
JUNE 2021 LOSS ❌ £177.5
MAY 2021 PROFIT ✅ £321
APRIL 2021 LOSS ❌ £456
MARCH 2021 PROFIT ✅ £1317
JANUARY 2021 PROFIT ✅ £108
NOVEMBER 2020 PROFIT ✅ £793.25
OCTOBER 2020 PROFIT ✅ £30.5
SEPTEMBER 2020 LOSS ❌ £105
AUGUST 2020 PROFIT ✅ £8.25
JULY 2020 LOSS ❌ £74

Year 1 profit = £1886.50
Year 2 profit = £858
TOTAL SPORTSBET P&L (JULY 2020 – end June 2022) = £2744 to recommended £10 E/W bet singles and occasional £10 win singles

Originally a racing commentator (on course and in studio) for EXTEL, SIS, SKY TV, and PA Sport, during his 37 years in the business Paul has also worked as a journalist and form analyst for both the Sporting Life and Racing Post, TV presenter and/or pundit for Racing UK, Sportsbet TV, Sportslink TV, and ONE TV; Starting Price (SP) Returner for the Press Association of Great Britain; studio presenter (and on-course paddock commentator) for Ladbrokes and Rapid Raceline; raceday host for many corporate clients; and has hosted internet racing coverage for most of the biggest online betting companies in the market.

A racehorse owner for many years, he has bred winning racehorses, been a racing manager to a successful owner/breeder, and in recent years has established himself as a leading tipster. Drawing on his experience from across the racing industry and racing media, Paul takes an unconventional view of the way markets are formed and has a proven track record of finding long odds winners, especially in handicaps both on the Flat and National Hunt.

Outside of racing Paul has worked extensively over the last 15 years as a broadcast and print news journalist, focusing on reporting on the Middle East for a number of major international news outlets. His first novel, the Middle East-based political thriller Kin Or Country, (published in 2020) is available on Amazon. He is married and has two daughters. Follow Paul on Twitter: @paul_alster

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  1. chris bono

    👏well done today

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    Great job with Mr Freedom.

  3. The Glorious Uncertainty

    Well done Paul…. Mr Freedom 👍 oh the irony 🐎👌 Well ridden losing run, admirable….

  4. Justin Rowles

    Class is permanent, form is temporary, you were due with Mr Freedom Paul, well done. As soon as you pointed out the flat win I was convinced to follow your advice.

  5. Matty Phoenix

    The tide has tuned Paul, Great call on Mr. Freedom, I was on Aucunrisque (FR), thought Highway 1 O 2 was high in the weights and would get caught out.

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    this guy has jump on banwagon

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  10. Richard Pawlowski

    I wouldn't back your betfair hurdle selection, keep your stakes around the 50p each way sort of mark.

  11. Tony Murray

    Stateman will beat con hill!!!

  12. John Jenkins

    Hacker Des Place is a non-runner.

  13. Tom Leach

    Still no winner this year Paul? Getting embarrassing now tbh

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    Chris Gordon is mustard in the Betfair hurdle and 20 1 for highway one o two is my pick tomorrow get on

  15. Shane

    Any views on the inform racing website ?

  16. Optimum AdvantEdge

    Does anyone know where I can find Andy Holding's all time track record, especially his ROI%?

  17. Hrh Fish

    Hey Caan woud you profit lay betting the tips? Just a thought when I looked at your results. You may loose more than your stake lay betting so maybe use some kind of recovery stake plan ??

  18. Geoff King

    As an experiment I started following his tips. Just betting to level stakes and not backing each way, he has been profitable. +55 pts over 10 weeks at BSP including 3 losing weeks

  19. Milan Gavric

    Great video but I don't like those games, I'm more into guaranteed win bcs of that I love sport arbing with Arb Adviser tool for finding arns

  20. Rain man

    I cannot listen to a dumbass with the accent

  21. Gaze73

    It's unfair to say that his BSP results should be close to zero. The efficiency of BSP is misunderstood. Horse A has BSP of 3.0, true odds 2.0. Horse B has a BSP of 3.0, true odds 4.0. Together, they are efficient, individually the tipsters advising horse A are much better than those advising horse B.

  22. A M

    I wish for a video for "slow minded" people. Like step by step video, what progam do you use? Maybe show a live bet you make and win? These numbers and statistics are to fast and makes my head go boom :3

  23. Amsterdam 710

    Too many bets

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    What people pay money to him to send you his tips 😉

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    Lol this is hilarious, bunch of mugs.

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    Happy to take your money when you are losing hate you winning, restrictions on winning accounts should be totally illegal.Like they don't earn enough the money grabbing bastards.

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    The truth is if you have time on your hands and know what you're looking at then you should be able to make money, BUT, if you listen to these tipsters you'll inevitably lose. Like most things in life, the more you put into something the more you'll get out of it. Simple as that.


    It seems from my experience gambling companies apply verification checks as and how they please like some kind of autocratic medieval tyrant. I'm speaking purely from casino games and not sports betting but no doubt it's the same. I've deposited over £22000 on betfair casino in the past 6 months and not once has anyone asked me for ID or proof of source of funds. All I get is a couple of messages on the casino tab of the betfair homepage asking if i wish to take a break from playing. At Coral casino I had to provide proof of incone when I deposited £100. At Betway casino I was able to deposit £1000 and no-one asked any questions until I tried to withdraw £200. At 32 Red casino I wasn't able to withdraw £50. When I went to one land based casino and spent £500 I was told straight away I couldn't gamble anymore until I provided proof of my income, yet at another land based casino I lost £6000 in about an hour and nobody asked any questions.

  30. Craigy 32

    Having a problem with a certain online bookies every time I cash out a decent sum they are askin for documents and with holding my withdrawals, but are quick enough still to take deposits on the account absolute scum all of them anythin to stop you from winning

  31. Pug Mahone

    So many variables when trying to pick a winner , the trainer , the jockey and their strike percentage at certain tracks, horses pedigree over certain distances , the ground, have they been recently gelded, throat operations for better breathing , longest travellers and that’s just scratching the surface, my preferred jockeys are Holly Doyle, Wm Buick , Tom Marquand on the flat and any Irish raider going to Scottish or English tracks for the jumps especially the Cheltenham festival , never bet more than you can afford to lose and see it as a form of entertainment, only the bookies get rich from gambling .

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    Maybe best to follow his tips without betting on his Naps .

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    I'd been depositing and withdrawing money to and from the William Hills sport's betting site for year's.
    I Finally found a system that works for me, betting on 0.5 goals and didn't lose a bet for around 4 weekends of football. Woke up one day and my account had been suspended. They said I needed to provide more documentation (Bollocks) They have ALL of my documentation.

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