Sports Betting- Understanding the Terminology

Today I talk about what sports betting terminology actually means. things like steam, system indicators, reverse line moves, sharps, squares and much more. These are the terms every sports bettor should know.

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  1. Mark Taylor

    Hahahaha thank god, sometimes us Aussies have know idea what you’re talking about 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Gerard P

    Completely disagree about teasers. Its been mathematically proven that some teasers are +EV in the NFL

  3. skar22

    does the NFL play into the number? they seem to get close to the spread, over/under scoring points when it's garbage time? curious on your opinion. Thanks, good stuff.

  4. Marco Gil

    Where can I find good betting statistics for my analysis?

  5. wutaboutthemravens

    0:14 Ryan, she clearly needs her own gears from BetOpenly. Those appear to be a bit big on her! Her impression of you is impeccable though 😂

  6. James Woodruff

    Thanks for the video. I know you're the pro, I by no means am, however, when it comes to Tennis ATP/WTA and MMA I feel like it makes sense sometimes (again, sometimes) to parlay 2 to 3 players/fighters to try and bring their odds down a bit. For example, today, I parlayed two WTA players who were in the -1000's (highly confident on them winning) with an ATP player who was -470 who I also was fairly confident would win. It did win. I guess I just wanted to know your opinion of this as a professional. I've only been doing tennis for six months like this, but MMA i have a positive ROI but only with 456 days worth of data. I really love these sports and I follow them pretty hard, but sometimes there are just super favorites and I really want some action as their events (obviously) are not everyday like baseball and nba.

    As a professional, do you think or have insight into this is a viable strategy long, long term for more esoteric and arcane sports such as these?

    Edit Thank you for taking the time to answer if you do. Much love. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we sincerely appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  7. Gary Ely

    Curious on what sites people use to find out how the public is betting.

  8. fres

    Take heed, this some gold right here!

  9. Baccarat Strategy Reviews

    Can you do a quick 5 or 10 minute video on Bet Openly?…I just signed up, seems pretty cool.

  10. Ryan Dyer

    loving the double uploads

  11. Jeremy Robertson

    Great as usual buddy

  12. Jessie Peters

    What about a Round Robin is that anygood

  13. Gary Ely

    As always great content. Learning so much. What is a good place to start as far a software or building spreadsheets?

  14. OldOutdoor TV

    Good content 👌

  15. Joe Money

    Can you go more into your career? When did you decide you could become a professional? Was there a certain dollar amount or a certain return you’d hit? Also how to survive on down streaks when not having another income? Thinking of making the jump soon and would like to know your thoughts.

  16. jman johanson

    Do you typically bet on any player props? Why or why not?

  17. Mark S

    Great stuff Ryan appreciate your hard work each day

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