Sports Betting Tips for 2021

You can make this year your best year yet for sports betting. Captain Jack Andrews has practical tips and advice to get you ready for the world of sports betting in the coming year.

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Making A Plan: 1:31
Get More Outs: 4:05
Refine Your Betting: 6:43
Keep Records: 10:20
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  1. Francois Giannini

    thankyou you seem sincere

  2. Vplayer 123

    Can i somehow use the draftkings sportsbook if i'm from germany?

  3. GrubWarp

    I have lost money this year

  4. Antoine Muhammad

    New to this. Listening to most content you've put out. I realize I need a strategy. I just bet on each quarter Over/Under. And ML

  5. Jim Latour

    Awesome Jack. I use Action Network to track. Thanks for the info.

  6. Myles Wardlaw

    Your using a lot of sports betting vocabulary words that I don’t know I wish u explained them in the video

  7. Zach

    thank you for these videos. stumbled on them and appreciate the reviews of the different sportsbooks. Im in AZ and they just passed the bill to start the launch. i never wanted to start an offshore account with some of the horror stories I've heard. 
    ***In your opinion, what's your preferred out(s), or the one you notice that you use the most keeping in mind navigating the website, availability of different bets, and of course the cost? (maybe taking into consideration promo's etc. as well)

  8. Ilunga Mukwakwa

    Thank very much for your videos

  9. Ilunga Mukwakwa

    Jack I feel through your videos I will make $100,000 by the end of 2022.

  10. Igor Vlaovic

    Hey! I developed a model to predict soccer games, but it should work with any sport. I backtested it on 1000 Games. I gave probability of each team winning and i trackwd actual win rate. Results were great after 1000 games predicted win rate was 45% and actual was 44.5%. so in theory I should be able to beat odds. But when I tested it against bookmaker (only betting with +2% or more positive value) i lost 12 units after 300 games. I don't understand how am I able to predict games correctly but can't beat odds. If anyone has an idea why is My system failing please Tell me..

  11. Wave Runner Enterprise

    Get this to a 10k come on guys

  12. Scott Kwidzinski

    At least this lousy pandemic brought us the good Captain! Your videos have turned sports betting around for me, I’m having a lot more fun and actually making some dough with light modeling, and I totally credit your videos. Can’t wait for the upcoming “$100k/yr” vid. Your doing God’s work. So generous with your time and knowledge. Captain Jack: Rounding the corners off Squares since 2020!

  13. Zaidur Rahman

    Have you ever come across – Zcode system – (just google it, especially line reversals tool) ? Ive got pretty good results with it, when signal sensitivity is 14+ and smart money move arrow appearing and public over 65% on favorite.

  14. Chris Thompson

    Captain Jack is the best guy to learn from in the business by far

  15. Francis Singharaj

    HI Jack, love the content. I had a question I requested a csv of my history from but the agent states they cannot generate a csv at this time. Do you know this to be true or are they giving me a hard time and denying me access?

  16. jmtinjum

    All your videos are so helpful! Thank you!

  17. Brice Rosa

    Subscription added

  18. Brad Woods

    Let's get that 10,000 subscribers! Can't wait to see the video Jack! I'm brand new to sports betting and really could use that piece of advice! Thanks for keeping things real so far you're it! -Brad in Illinois…

  19. William Bauer

    Hey captain Jack Andrew's. Do you have access to mobile Las Vegas sports apps? If so I have valuable information for you. Let me know.

  20. Adam B

    Just another note……

    If ur betting cash, and have a good win.. ask for a receipt or keep a photo of ur ticket when collecting..
    I'm not American and am a citizen and resident of countries where general windfalls are not taxable..
    However, as you cross pollinate your life into other markets, and also the worlds AML laws and cash thresholds in countries get tighter and tighter…
    AND… you never know what opportunities may come up where you need to go thru the prospect of a colonoscopy type of financial due diligence, it's always helpful where u can draw on 'evidence', as to how u purchased or accumulated the initial investment for anything..

    It also doesn't hurt to keep records all those losing tickets to counteract your wins, or if u live where a % of losses can also be claimed as part of your income streams.

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