Sports betting legalized in AZ: when you can place a bet

Sports betting legalized in AZ: when you can place a bet

Sports betting legalized in AZ: when you can place a bet

Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Trading Sports Cards | #AskGaryVee 333

If you are deep in the sports card world or just starting to get interested and want to learn more, this is the perfect video for you. Gary did an epic 2.5 hour live session where he tooj in calls from fans whp had a range of questions about the growing market. From novice things like how to learn more to very advanced topics like the market predictions, this #AskGaryVee video is for the entire trading card community… Enjoy!


  1. Pittsburghbob69

    No way; Clemente/Rose rookie cards are just as much or more expensive than DR.J and Kareem rookie cards. And always will be.

    And I wouldn’t compare Rose to Kareem. I guess you are doing the all-time “hits” leader vs the “scoring” leader. But Kareem is top 5-10 on anyone’s all-time list. Rose wouldn’t be in baseball.

    DR.J and Clemente is a good comparison though. But I would say Lou Gehrig/Hank Aarron/Ty Cobb would be better comparison to Jabbar/Alcindor. And any of their RC’s cards blow away Jabbar/Alcindor.

  2. Pittsburghbob69

    Wander Franco/Julio Rodriguez/Jason Doninquez/Spencer Torkelson/Anthony Volope in MLB.

  3. Alexx Sanchez

    Hold on Gary vee let me check my attic real quick. Businessman ……yeeee…..ughhhhhh
    ……ahhhh. Michael jordan.

  4. Isaac Bruna

    how do you get those good cardes

  5. Dontae Steel

    Mental health, social currency, communication, and nutrition is what works for me to get it done.

  6. Dontae Steel

    Trading these cards made you some bucks, Gary.

  7. Dontae Steel

    What do trading mean to you?

  8. 503tradingcards


  9. Eric Hahn

    I am so lucky that I actually enjoy doing research and other things most people consider shit work. Thanks for being you, great video.

  10. DevinGThatsMe

    hey Gary see I know this is old but I just stumbled upon a lot of old baseball cards(1979-1993), football cards(binder of John elways, Terrell Davis etc), and a binder of Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson. slamlord Dennis Rodman card, 1992 4 sport superstar draft card with shaq, all types of cards… id love to connect and show you them!

  11. numberoneappgames

    Remember to keep track: of WHAT you Spent/WHEN you bought it/ and keep it safe.

  12. Betsy Stevens

    I just found 6 bags full of cards at a thrift store and grabbed them up. So far have a Bo Jackson Heisman 1985 Auburn card and a Mark Levy 1991 card…still looking through them. Thanks for the heads up super excited . Spent $20.

  13. RedShot101

    what good things labron does as a human… DO u follow that entitled weiner

  14. Richard Hill

    What about ticket stubs now?

  15. Steven Washington

    Lamelo Ball Select Rookie Selections Insert cards are blowing up in value!!! Especially the Blue & Gold Shimmer, Silver & Red Flash versions

  16. JimmyJ3NKN5

    What are your opinions on the popular niche art collectibles?

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