Sports Betting Champ Exposed

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  3. Scott Kehn

    Jesus Christ, I hate internet marketing. Watched this video for 3 minutes before I realized there's a link to this system in the description. Aren't there any REAL reviews out there?

  4. catrten michael

    If anyone is looking to start an account with an online sportsbook check out this site

  5. Jonathan Gaylord

    I did some research and seems like this system really is legit. You get 60 days to try it out and if you aren't making money or aren't happy you can get your money back. The guy seems to know what he's doing. I'm sure people are very hesitant to give it a try but I like trying out things especially if there is a risk free money back guarantee. Here's the link for anyone who wants to check it out:


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  6. Jajang Maulana A

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  7. Summer Espinal

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  8. 123itsme

    You didnt provide any probes, so, conclusion SCAM, and you, SCAMMER. Dont trust testimonial, i can write thousands of that and you can´t know it. yeah, 60 days guarantee, but, you already gave them the money…i write the same that said the other person, give us REAL NUMBERS in excel, no empty words

  9. jf928

    how do ppl fall for this shit lol

  10. Eackard

    Someone with the system that can prove if it is a fraud with some real numbers? some excel file with the predictions and losses of this system? much talked about but nothing is proven …..

  11. SportsBettingEXPOSED

    @rainmaker6970 you hit it on the head when you said progression works, if you keep the 2% rule on your mind everyday! progression systems work if people can be disciplined enough to manage their money correctly! but they don't….they get excited after 5, 10, 20 wins & than go HARD on a few bets, get 1 loss, & wipe out their account. they have no one to blame but themselves.

  12. SportsBettingEXPOSED

    the ABSOLUTE truth about John Morrison's systems. DON'T sign up till you watch my video…it'll save you thousands! check out my channel by clicking on SportsBettingEXPOSED

  13. David Mooney

    I finally figured out how to use this progressive betting system- I've been betting 20% of my bankroll each progression, or using this method successfully: BR/65[A] * 3[B] * 3[C] To increase your risk and potential payout, simply reduce the dividend to 52 (25%), 26 (50%), or 13 (100%), but remember the total amount of progressive wins for MLB season is 90%, so keeping it at 65 or 52 dividend of your bankroll will gradually keep you ahead and curve any losses in the long run even with high vigs.

  14. 1994rainmkr multiplerevstreams

    I just want to clear some of this stuff up. I have not bought this product, but I won every bet 20 years ago before being cut off by a bookie. It is possible to win 90% at baseball.

    I recently got kicked off of poker like a lot of us so I started to paper trade it. Progressions work, if you keep the 2% rule on your mind every day. I shit you not I won 56 progressions in a row. Only 2 teams made it to the third game and they both won on the fourth.

    I was only betting $30 a game,

  15. kdub0911

    There are thousands of games play in MLB season. He only picks a few a season that have the best odds of winning. Dumb bettors play every game or two many a day. They dont pick the best odds for the games that day.

  16. Gabriel

    If you think this shitty system works, you have yet to see the best NFL system ever, just look at my channel or search "nfl betting system recorded proof" in youtube to look for a complete footage of my bets with real money.

    I promise that looking at those videos will be worth your time 😉

  17. Lostkiwi123

    This is a scam, don't buy this product

  18. DL

    Before you decide to use this system know that three outcome can come from this system. Also note that for this system to guarantee you money you need an HUGE – UNLIMITED bankroll.

    Bet a ton of money and win a little
    Bet a little money and win a little
    Bet a ton of money and lose everything

    Which outcome you get will be determined by your bankroll. But if you have that big of a bank roll to make any money from this system, you should be smart enough to know that this is a terrible idea.

  19. shelley1961

    Hey Shawn just so you know I tried getting my money back from clickbank on this product and they denied it… you may want to let people know also I'm not giving up trying to get my money back……Total Bogus

  20. Genoxide85

    Its a scam, Dont fall for it.

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