Sports Betting Bonus Rules And Rollover Requirements / Everything You Should Know To Beat Them

Learn how to beat the rollover requirements at any sportsbook online!

Before claiming ANY Sportbook Bonus, check out this full explanation of the Sports betting bonuses and the rollover requirements. You can also get 3 painless and fast ways of clearing rollover requirements.

We cover the most popular bonus rules most sports betting sites have on their offers. Take into account that each betting website will have specific requirements for clearing bonuses. It’s important to check out the fine print when signing up and accepting a bonus before making your deposit.

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00:00 Intro
00:34 What is a Rollover Requirement?
02:00 Sportsbook Rollover Strategy
02:48 Best methods to clear Bonus Rollovers
03:53 Other bonus rules you should be aware of

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In this video I explain the rollover requirements (aka playthrough requirements) associated with sports betting bonuses. I also look at an example using Bet365 and other Canadian sportsbooks.

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  1. Denzel Kane

    Can you forfeit a bonus and still withdraw ?

  2. Fxwb

    Always forfeit the free money kids its not worth it but this clown wont say it.. probs works for them.. disliked

  3. BJJ Studios

    I’m currently offering a 25% deposit bonus on Fanduel Sportsbook up to $12,500. Minimum deposit is 5000. Let me know if you would like more info!

  4. Marty McFly

    Deposit 100$, get 50$ Bonus "for free", then you have to Rollover 1500$ to clear that 50$ Bonus. Thats an Edge of 50/1500 = 0,033 (or 3,3%) compared to play without any Bonus at all.

  5. Mikey Westside

    Finally! Someone explains the rollover in English. Thank you.

  6. Suni Dutt Bhagwati

    Hi sir, pan card no is necessary to register online betting?
    Please, guide.

  7. Jonathan Gervais

    Bonus are trap
    Bet are design to lose .
    The house always win
    Thats why they have customer service

  8. Courtland Williams

    Never accept the bonus

  9. Mr. Green


  10. Sheep amongst wolves

    Still useful in 2021!

  11. The money show

    They did me like this people be careful people is a scam they upset bc u won the bet

  12. Noham's Kitchen

    On mybookie i deposited 1275 total, and its saying my rollover is 22,540!!!!! WHAT DO I DO?

  13. sisbrawny

    If I don't care about the bonus, could I just withdraw with no fee (bet365)? I looked at Pinnacle and they don't have a bonus but seem to want 3x times rollover to even withdraw to avoid a 10% fee…

  14. Jojo Ubadi

    I won a $1000 about 30 mins ago and it had it on a bonus I was so mad I referred my brother to play and I was playing high too so I just play for fun cause I had to play through $3000 like wth bullshit ass game

  15. Three Horse Company

    Bovada is a SCAM, stay away.

  16. tv p

    A withdrawal is not permitted at the moment. Please roll over the last deposit you’ve made and then submit a new request
    What is this ? Can you explain please

  17. Rock Lee

    Thanks for the video. If I deposited 50 bucks on sportsbetting, how much would my rollover be? I also recieved a bonus $12.50 for my initial 25 dollar deposit.

  18. TSquared52

    Please someone, can you tell me what happens if I forfeit a bet bonus?

  19. Dhruv Singh

    Sri bet365 bonus+ rollover kya hai

  20. christian nrx

    the "90" days-is how long i have to wait to withdraw winnings? or do i have to bet/withdraw within 90 days or i lose everything in my account? or just the bonus…?

  21. Super D

    i dont get it i want to deposit 100 to get 50 pound bonus right that a total of 150 (bonus and deposit) so if i bet 150 in total and win i cant withdraw any of it even the deposit off hundred i used with the bonus?

  22. Nick Johnson

    Thanks, the penny just dropped

  23. Matalink

    Do you know of any sites that dont have a rollover requirments?

  24. Daniel Owsiany


    I deposited $55.00 with a $55.00 bonus. I bet $100.00 and won 900.00 + the initial bet, so $1000.00 This is through Sportsinteraction. It now says I have to placed $1000.00 worth of bets before I can withdrawl. This seems different then from your video. Can you explain.

  25. cratosayala10

    So on bovada I deposited 50$ so I got a 25$ free bet with that 25$ free bet I won 33$ bonus dollars. So how much money would I have to win or bet to be able to withdrawal my money? That's also what I don't get I need to bet it or do I need to win 3x the amount

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