Sports Betting 101 with Steve Stevens – When to Hedge Your Bet

Celebrity handicapper Steve Stevens from CNBC’s original series “Money Talks” provides simple explanations of sports betting terminology and gives out his formulas for success. Today’s topic: When to Hedge Your Bet

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  1. Calvin Fisk

    Hedges work best when you have a parlay or a future or a series bet.

  2. The Playmaker

    Rule 1 – never hedge

  3. Jo Blo

    U cant hedge one bet those odds change the longer u wait

  4. Max French

    I agree! Steve do you ever make arbitrage bets?

    Kind regards

  5. Noah Verdi

    Words of Wisdom!!!

  6. Suka Blyat

    This worked very well for me! All the time!
    Keep it up Steve!

  7. D Best

    Hedge yes , chase no 👍

  8. Luiz

    This strategy Does Work specially on Parlays 👍🏼 thanks Steve

  9. James Kovalak

    Golden-Nuggets $$$

  10. Jose Hurtado

    The bookie killer ⚰

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