Sports Betting 101 with Steve Stevens – Profitable Betting Strategies

Celebrity handicapper Steve Stevens from CNBC’s original series “Money Talks” provides simple explanations of sports betting terminology and gives out his formulas for success. Today’s topic: Profitable Betting Strategies

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Want to know how to bet on sports? Many people people start with “what is a point spread?” the most basic of sports betting questions.

We answer it here.

Full explanation:

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    Can never understand this thing 🤣🤣

  23. Ivan Can

    What if team 1 underdog wins by more than 7?

  24. TyrranicalT-Rad

    I understand but I just didn't get the half a point .5 part

  25. David Atlas

    Wait so quick question – say you bet on team 1 (+7). So if they lose by less than 7, you win? What if team 1 (+7) wins the game? Do I win the bet if I betted on them, or is the only way to win a +7 is only if they lose by less than 7?

  26. deepfried25

    so if team A has a +5 spread and they end up winning the game do you still win? If the end results are Team A: 20 Team B: 18

  27. xPostCheese

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  31. Colby Minter

    Quick question ! So if I am to bet a spread of let’s +3 on the underdog and they so happens to win, does my bet count as a lost ?

  32. Sebastian Tapia

    lets say team 1 has a +2.5 spread and they win by 7 points then who covers the spread

  33. Manuel Vasquez

    Still don’t get it..smh

  34. Josue C

    Online betting just became legal in my state and I’ve watched and read so much material. This by far is the best and most informative video!! Thanks.

  35. Dwayne Neal

    So if the lions are +3 and and I am betting on the lions to lose the game but they lose by 4,I still lose ,what the heck

  36. Dwayne Neal

    So basically you are just betting on a team to cover their spread? So if my team is -3 and I HAVE to take that bet because I'm betting on my team to win,if they only win by 2 I still lose ? Lol what's the point of me betting on my team I think is going to win?

  37. nfl with David

    Wow I have search on YouTube someone to explain spread betting no One has explained it as well as you good job Sir

  38. Drake Miser

    It's easier just to imagine that one team has 7 points or negative 7 points at the beginning of the game and just keep your ow score. That's how I was taught. That way who ever wins In your little augmented scoring book tells you who wins the bet.

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    Good explanation and nice animation.


    I am still confused

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