Sports Betting 101: Top Beginners Mistakes in Betting the NFL (NFL Betting Tips)

NFL Betting Tips and Top Beginners Mistakes in Betting the NFL in our Sports Betting 101 series for the new sports bettor direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas as host Kelly Stewart talks with sports betting expert Teddy Covers and go over basic tips when betting the NFL.

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  1. Neil Bowman

    Find your strategy. Bet all parlays if your unit size is low and you've got good research. Beats are beats. If you're getting a return then you're good.

  2. Neil Bowman

    Love you Kelly

  3. Chris Koshinski

    No matter how many pieces are in your parlay… you'll get them all right except 1.

  4. Brittfield Beats

    kickin the dog an yellin at the wife tho lol

  5. FM L

    Do you bet on the point spread, the over/under, or both?

  6. TigerWoodsLibido

    Sucks to live in a state where you only have one book.

  7. Ryan Espiritu

    that parlay one… i lose that every single week LOLOL

  8. Werd Lyfe

    Would love to see a quick video on stay away spots when betting NFL. Like last nights game between the Bills-Titans imo was a look ahead scenario for the Bills with the superbowl champion Chiefs coming up in less than a week. That and not knowing how the Titans would perform after a 2 week layoff was enough for me to not make a play. Not knowing the stay away spots is definitely one of the biggest mistakes rookie bettors make.

    Another solid tip is not feeling like you have to play every prime time game and forcing plays. Feeling the need to have action on every prime time game is a sure fire way to run through your bankroll.

    IMO NFL is the hardest sports to handicap and takes the most discipline.

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  10. deaners09

    As a new better I have no clue what this guy is saying.

  11. jani rk

    I found a good compilation of videos that should help you at Alchemy hasty fixer

  12. DSnews24 Inspired

    Betting is loosers game you can never make money with this shit.

  13. B.M. Libertas

    He kicks his dog and yells at his wife xD.

  14. Eladio Mora

    I have spent months studying sports picks and found an awesome website at Simple Sports Goldmine (check it out on google)

  15. JoshCT

    Teddy covers is my favorite. Kicking the dog, yelling at the wife 😂 Its a good thing I ain't married

  16. dave rogers

    Bet the moneyline especially with big point favorites.

  17. JVL

    100% true on avoiding parlays and round robins. just bet straight and of the games you bet hopefully you hit 3 out of 5.

  18. Jeff S

    Great video, great questions posed to Teddy

  19. Many Angles

    Biggest mistake is gambling.. you are controlled by your habits so even if u point out all the mistakes u will forget about them and keep doing it

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