Sports Betting 101 | Money Management and Volume Betting with Kelly Stewart and Gianni the Greek

You’ve seen him on UFC’s betting coverage. You’ve seen him on Bet on It. But how did Gianni “The Greek” Karalis adopt his betting style? Kelly Stewart sits down with Gianni to discuss high-volume betting strategies and the most important element to sports betting: Money management. Kelly and Gianni break down WagerTalk’s approach to bet sizing and how bettors should approach weekends with several betting opportunities.

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  2. Brian Wright

    I am a high volume better. Mostly for fun. I’m winning more than I lose, but I’m just breaking even. I can’t get over the hump

  3. Chip Plylar

    Never in my whole fing life have ever seen it so hard to find a fing video.

  4. John

    Great video about teasers recently on twitter. When you talk about teasing "through" 3,6,7 in NFL to me that means tease both teams into teasers or just the favorite? For example if you have 2 NFL spreads at 6 you would wrap up all 4 sides at low juice and try to hit the middles? You need 1 middle to profit, 2 to crush. Book can only win if you brick both middles? Please Advise

  5. Nathan Paddock

    Why does Kelly sound like she's in a cave?

  6. Dan *

    I hope Gianni is back on Bet On It this year, because last year his picks where 🔥.

  7. Florian Dohrmann

    VR as great as ever..such an important ability to adapt to different playing styles..if you have to build a bankroll take out the variance and go for best bets only and when you have more space to the bottom line you can look for more volume

  8. Constantine Lycouris

    12:26 THANK YOU i cannot tell you how long i have been looking for someone to explain this exact breakdown because you hear everywhere '5% play on this 5% play on that' gotta leave it up to Giannis to do it right! the legend!

  9. Santo Cataldi

    Never mind the game i would give the devil my soul to spend some time with Kelly !!!

  10. Jay 47

    Gianna your the goat for many reasons. All this info for free. 🙏🏾 he went 11-0 last year one week in nfl 🐐

  11. Nathan Schellhamer

    ESPN is trash.

  12. email user

    Great to see Kelly back with Wager Talk, screw the New York and east coast haters that rejected her at ESPN. The advise from an experienced bettor like Gianni is priceless.

  13. Furio Giunta

    Gianni the Greek ripped me off! Fuck him!

  14. manohar man

    I have started betting 2020 , January ,I constantly lost through the year and loss around 10000 USD dollars and in June ,2021 I opened my eyes I started to earn alteast 2 dollars per day , and I stopped the option of recovering losses and I wait for an event to happen in game and then place a bet , I stated the bank roll as 30 USD in June 6 and I have earned 90 USD in 20 June.

  15. Caden Flodstrom

    The best in the business!! Thank you so much. Can't wait for Bet on It!

  16. Efi Brilovski

    People avoid volume betting because they can't afford it for the most part!, you need to have a serious bankroll to do that and most people can't, especially these crazy days. if you want to help people explain how to manage a bankroll on best bet strategy or other strategies where you have a limited size bankroll.

  17. Harry Lie

    Ahhh My Kelly is back 😍🥰😘

  18. Christopher Williams

    Glad to see KIV back!

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