so I played wii Sports Basketball and this happened…

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Troydan looks for Matt on Wii Sports Basketball but ends up taking on a bigger challenge #WiiSports #NBA

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  1. Fritz Ishmael Tulay

    20:12 I like it when you used the undertaker theme song

  2. Maddie Cracchiolo

    get on wii sports and box me my name is oak

  3. Landen Blake

    If you need something flat look at my gf

  4. Peter Brix

    As soon as the gong hit you're in trouble

  5. Olga Poniridou


  6. Anthony Karpicki

    You are like Poofesure

  7. VAhunter Enterprise

    this was hilarious

  8. Gordon Shore

    Play me in wii baskball

  9. Gordon Shore

    Play me wii bask all

  10. crashy101

    Why Kids are better in wii sports Resort
    Kids get Mad when they lose so they cancel the game before the opponent wins.
    They play alot For nostalgia and they keep getting better.
    They don't use wii remotes From wish.

  11. Guy

    Even if you get more woman we get more rights 🖕😂

  12. Madison Theidel

    The baseball and the golf were literally my childhood as long as I had that I was happy.

  13. ONE MAN ARMY 🖤💔

    I already beat the champions of this game a long time ago and my rating is over 2,000 for real but all jokes aside I just realized that this was better than 2k18 even though it's 5 years old as I'm coming back to this video 💯

  14. Nintenblox

    Click the quit button before receiving your rating and it won’t go down

  15. Dumbasgaming

    Bro my child hood was just this wii sports and skylansers

  16. TV Vandeweghe

    It’s pronounced er SU la

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