Should sports betting be legalized in CA? Gov. Newsom, Graton Casino, Bay Area groups weigh-in

California groups weigh-in on Prop 26 and Prop 27, two propositions focusing on in-person and online sports betting on the November ballot.

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Kimberly Davis reports.


  1. AverageJoe

    So wait sport betting till isnt legalized?

  2. Anonymous Human

    It should be allowed anywhere. Who wants to go to an Indian casino and potentially get the new COVID variant? Not me.

  3. MrYankee35

    Plain and simple its a YES ON 27. LONG OVER DUE HERE IN CALI

  4. CheemsCo.

    Yes on 27 💯!!!

  5. Trash Can

    Native American casinos are ran by Indians they make the choices!! It’s better they keep the government out of the business they just want a part of there money

  6. Joseph Quinones

    YES ON 26

  7. Believe

    You can already bet from your couch online. Better that California keeps a piece of the action then off shore.

  8. bob steward

    Barona Casino who is anti prop 27 is one of the wealthiest greediest casino tribes there is. Greedy tribal members driving $100 grand plus Ford Raptors and showing off there wealth. Vote Yes on 27 to end the greed of these wealthy tribes.

  9. Fernando Partida

    Vote on 27

  10. Without Warning

    YES ON PROP 26 AND 27

  11. Jairo archila

    Casinos owners are taking money from the public and making millions Casinos should be closed period

  12. sactownism

    Vote no on Prop 27. I get that there is a homelessness problem in California, but by trying kill jobs at the indian casinos just to get the extra money from online sports betting is stupid. We have government agency in place already trying to solve the homelessness issue, but where has it gotten us? Instead of trying to pass Prop 27, California you just allocate more tax payer money from other agency to try to solve the homelessness problem

  13. samira Mehr

    Have these people heard of getting a job?

  14. Penny Dee aka Rhiannon

    How many times will people believe the money goes to homelessness or whatever they may say? No bueno. All lies. Other natives are saying no on these. No, no, and no! I smell corruption as usual…

  15. Danny451

    This is another reason why we need MORE GUNS.

  16. humanfilth666ify


  17. humanfilth666ify

    If they do this in California, people will be less likely to travel to casinos, especially in Nevada. It should be noted, everyone hates Gavin Newsom.

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