Seattle Seahawks vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

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Maria Taylor, Jason Garrett, Tony Dungy and Mike Florio dive into an action-packed Week 10 around the NFL, where the Vikings capitalized on the Bills’ late errors, the Packers shocked the Cowboys and more. #NFL #NBCSports #SNF
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Emmy Award winners Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth continue to follow all the action from the booth, along with Michele Tafoya from the field.

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NFL Week 10 recap: Vikings beat Bills in OT, Packers upset Cowboys in OT | SNF | NFL on NBC
Video Rating: / 5


  1. vidjal

    You'll get to see my CHIEFS this year. That will be a game 😉

  2. Austin Lewis

    I love how stoked they were to watch the Game lpl

  3. Austin Lewis

    I love how stoked they were to watch the Game lpl

  4. Checkmate

    I wonder if the atmosphere at the game was good. Sounded like it but I don’t know how much Germans are into American football. Kinda hard to cheer for a sport you don’t understand that well unless you are just going to get drunk.

  5. RedBaboonAss

    When will coaches learn that as great of a QB Brady is he's just as bad if not worse as a WR!

  6. Kingsman *

    Germany was an excellent choice.

  7. Ian Duffield

    First qb to win in 4 countries

  8. The manic levy

    its so cool to see the crowd electric like that, i feel like we get to spoiled here in usa with football.

  9. kaitheguy

    This game was actually insane to watch. The crowd was amazing. The plays were on point. And for it to be over seas in Germany!? That’s sick.

  10. G B

    0:28 Unbelievable throw to Evans threaded between two defenders. Vintage.

  11. Gus

    It is so much fun to see a team be beaten that has a quarterback that is nothing more than a great college athlete that is a great runner but a mediocre passer at best . I have watched the NFL deteriorate into a glorified collegiate game with the signing the like of Cam Newton.

  12. Durrell Kitchen

    Week 10

    Buccaneers def. Seahawks 21-16!!!! 🏈


    LIVE! from the Allianz Arena in Munich,Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🏈

    NFL International Series 🇩🇪🏈

  13. Obi Wan Kenobi

    i think one major difference with a stadium in germany is that people arent in a rush to get to the parking lot 😂

  14. John Graff

    Your Football 🏈 games are so so good

  15. eviljim6900

    Thank You Jason, Bills Mafia is taking a beating right now. p.s and rightfully so too. Go Bills !!

  16. Between22balance

    The world can't see America without Biden!

  17. Go Vikes

    THE WOSRT OFFICIATING CREW TO EVER CALL A GAME WERE IN BUFFALO!! I'm so sick of watching J.J get mugged,tugged or just blocked out of his routes &NO FLAGS?? NOT EVEN ONE!!!? FKTHT&it's like that every damn week. The Wilfs should be raising hell for how horrible the officiating has been for nearly every damn game this year!! IM SICK OF IT!!! We should have to be playing the officials too. BUT WE DO AND WE STILL WIN!!! FK BUFFALO &THEIR POCKET OFFICIALS!!! Great win vikings. SKOL@UCANCHEATUSBUTWESTILLWIN.HELLLYAHVIKINGS.WATEVR!!



  19. JoJoBones

    Looks like terrible coaching again awesome play calling Dorsey.

  20. Dug Deeply

    Best regular season Vikings game since Favre threw that hail Mary TD in the back of the endzone against SF in 2009. The last time we were 8-1. Best overall game for the Vikings since the Minneapolis Miracle. Kirko Chainz rallying the troops and J.J. putting it on the d-backs has been amazing, but don't forget the Vikings D being one of the most opportunistic and "bend but don't break" in the league. Philly didn't score in the second half against the Vikings D and Buffalo only put up 6…

  21. Satimah Smalley

    I've think Diggs was amazing, And that's how you do it with all team players working together on their skills doing what they do best , We all always come back even harder 3 games down, Now it's a new start , Yesterday News is yesterday news , Go BILLS, ❣️🙏 Amazing game on both sides, We got this Buffalo 🙏❣️❣️❣️

  22. Don

    I've been watching football since the 1960's, and I think the Justin Jefferson catch might be the greatest I've ever seen. Maybe there are some as good, but there are none better. I watched the ball go over him when he jumped as high as he could, and somehow he found the ball in the defender's hands behind him and snatched it – with the game on the line on 4th and 18.

  23. Pedro Daniel Vazquez

    Florio such a clown trying to keep Tua and Jimmy G in the same sentence 😂😂😂

  24. Miles S.

    Kind of annoying Dungy gave Tua almost no credit so he could go on about weather but eh

  25. Don

    Mike Florio, who clearly is either trolling or doesn't watch the games, wants to see Tua throw the ball into a tight window in a big moment. Like the game winning throw to Waddle in week 2 to cap a 21 point 4th quarter comeback? And Jason Garrett slapped him down beautifully with Tua's throw to win the national championship as a freshman.

  26. Eddie Jones

    Vikings Bills game best craziest game I ever seen

  27. Brandon Vandine

    Hill was shut down and waddle Tua spread the ball around and pretty much carried the squad. I swear these talking heads keep changing the goal line 😒

  28. Stefan Jentoft

    As a Vikings fan, I have a two word message to the rest of the NFL: "FEAR US"

  29. Brandon Vandine

    Tua has made big throws in tight coverages especially in the browns game lol

  30. Mj Nelson

    Every super bowl team has losses. The Bills are still unstoppable and they will easily win the super bowl. Josh Allen is the best quarterback the game has ever seen.

  31. Teddy J

    Allen would have put up 70 if he wasn't hurt.

  32. Amor Sine Timor!

    As a Viking fan and has since 1970. Buffalo is going to be just fine. Keep believing in themselves and what they can do. The game itself, UNBELIEVABLE! The game for the ages.

  33. Adam Hasser

    Life… uh… finds a way.


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