Sad News for college football. Mike Leach on his deathbed after suffering a MAJOR heart attack.

Sad News for college football.  Mike Leach on his deathbed after suffering a MAJOR heart attack.

Sad News for college football.  Mike Leach on his deathbed after suffering a MAJOR heart attack.

Mike Leach has suffered a MAJOR heart attack and had to be air lifted to the hospital. News coming out that he’s been sent to hospice after brain damage was discovered. Mike Leach is not expected to make it unfortunately.

Dennis Dodd joins CBS Sports HQ to break down his latest college football Power Rankings.


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  1. Gold & Blue Dude

    Unfortunately, Mike Leach has passed away at age 61. This is a sad day for college football.

  2. K Brewski

    RIP Coach Leach, now that you actually have passed away.
    I honestly have mixed feelings on him. He certainly was a quirky and different character. He could be quite amusing, both in a good way but also in some very cringeworthy ways. The fact that he was a lawyer who never even played football is very unusual in college coaching. I didn't like some of his misogynistic viewpoints, he must have had some women problems, and we probably would not see eye to eye on politics, but the fact that he always answered one fan Q about any topic in a press conference is pretty amusing. He oddly was wiling to coach some dreadful programs at some out of the way places, Wash St, Texas Tech, Miss St. Guess he enjoyed the challenge.

    Coaches can make a big impact on both players and fans. I grew up watching Ara Parseghian coaching my Irish at ND when I was a kid, mostly on those day after Notre Dame replays. I was old enough to watch and remember ND and Ara beat #1 Alabama and Bear Bryant in consecutive years in the 73 Sugar Bowl to win the National Championship, and in the following year in Ara's last game in the Orange Bowl, both ruining Bama Nat Title chances. I went to ND in 78, missing the Era of Ara by 3 years as a student. He was such a influential and towering presence in ND and college football history that 5 years ago, in the dead of winter, I went to his Funeral and burial services at Sacred Heart Cathedral on the ND campus where he was laid to rest near Knute Rockne's burial site. Quite emotional and humbling to be there.

  3. Sam Bostic

    He will be missed. Below are the places he coached at, time period, and coaching position.
    Cal Poly–1987–OL
    College of the Desert–1988–LB
    Pori Bears in Finland–1989–HC
    Iowa Wesleyan–1989-1991–OC/OL
    Valdosta State–1992-1993–OC/WR/QB
    Valdosta State–1994-1996–OC/OL
    Texas Tech–2000-2009–HC
    Washington State–2012-2019–HC
    Mississippi State–2020-2022–HC
    He also played Rugby at BYU from 1979 to 1983
    R.I.P Mike Leach 1961-2022

  4. Jason Rollyson

    This is really sad news!!!

  5. JB Shark

    This summer I got the chance to meet Mike Leach he was a great guy. We talked football for close to an hour. I told Coach Leach I went to WVU and he looked up and said your going to be in good hands with Graham Harrell calling the plays. He coached Graham at Texas Tech. I hope they let Graham Harrell run the offense more this year and hope Coach Leach is up in Heaven with the other great coaches college football we have lost over the years. RIP

  6. SCarcheer

    RIP Coach Leach.
    Thoughts and prayers for friends and especially family.

  7. Dallas Shipley

    He definitely made Mississippi State a competitor. He always came close to winning the west. But he did get them to post season. It's too bad he never won a national championship. I think the next head coach will be someone that played or coached under him.

  8. CustodianRay

    Hope he pulls through. Always thought he looked like Vince Gill some . Prayers Going out.

  9. K Brewski

    Midnight Central time, ESPN w no new updates, still CRITICAL in hospice, but not dead. Family probably having to make some tough decisions.

    "Sid Salter, the chief communication officer at Mississippi State, told WLBT-TV that premature rumors of Leach’s death "should be ignored."

  10. Clifford Kauffman Jr

    We love coach Mike at OU.

  11. Cedric Scarce

    Sooner fan, loved the guy, kept up with him wherever he went, unique intelligent man.


    WVU fan here prayers to brother sisters in Mississippi State


    Prayer to his family and Miss state …. 😢

  14. Alexandria Colonial Tours

    Sorry to ask, but to participate in the bowl picks contest we must join Patreon, yes?

  15. Ed Carman

    Praying for Mike Leach too G&B Dude.

  16. Laura Weiss

    In spite of the way it ended in Lubbock, he has left a legacy from his time at Tech. College football won’t ever be the same. Prayers for his family, friends, and the msu family

  17. Justin Martin


  18. Adam- The Sports Guy

    Hats off to Gold and Blue Puke…wearing the gear of his trash can juice, WVU, even though they’re just that…dumpster juice. As a Miami fan in 2022 I know the feeling…I still wear my Miami gear daily and they’ve been whale sh*+ bad. Heres to 2 former BIG EAST programs getting better.

  19. Bill L

    Boise State fan speaking for Bronco Nation wishing Coach Leach the best.

  20. Michael Hart

    Hope you're not joking because this isn't funny.

  21. Brian Griffin

    Will never understand how two 6:0 teams are ahead of a 7:0 team… bs

  22. mark

    I’m liking Michigan… Michigan runs the rock better than any top 5 while playing great defense too…

  23. G Smith

    @THEUncleLou I guess sports analyst understands strength of schedule too 🤔😆🤣🤣🤣🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  24. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    "Do one thing every day that scares you." __Anonymous

  25. Rich T

    Michigan > Tennessee

  26. Robert Gaston

    Do we really think Ole Miss is better than Bama

  27. Jacob Robertson

    This is theater moving Alabama that low

  28. NashVegas

    Hyatt just scored again……

  29. Mike Bennett

    OK you said it pass interference penalty everybody in the brother has watched that last passenger ference call and everybody knows it was a bad call.OK you said it pass interference penalty everybody in the brother has watched that last passenger ference call and everybody knows it was a bad call.
    Not to mention Tennessee does not get called for targeting.
    Referees get those 2 calls right game changer

  30. Avi

    SEC = The new Big 12

  31. jeffery yepez

    GO BLUE!!

  32. Yeayea

    OSU has played nobody yet. It’s been the season in shambles tour with Notre Dame, Wisconsin, MSU. They are in for a surprise one day soon.

  33. Broc

    TCU jumps 5 spots after winning in double OT at home?!?!

  34. Danny Korakas

    Tenn total defense is #104. That's not #3 in the country let alone win a championship.

  35. Tim Harris

    TCU over Clemson? Dumbest take on the internet.

  36. Fightin Titan

    50 thousand? Where did you think you were notre dame stadium? Try 100k+ buddy

  37. Eric Draven

    Joy until TN requests money to buy a new goal post.

  38. Daniel Dougherty

    There’s no way USC should be on this list! They should be behind Oklahoma State and Oregon! Utah’s a great team, but not TCU or Georgia.

  39. ThAxBuTcHeR

    What's funny is most Tennessee fans won't care our rankings because we beat bama and now we on to Georgia!!

  40. rhrh2025

    Tennessee is 3 scores up, before the other team figures out what to do! Jaylen Hyatt is pure speed, and I'm not sure anyone in the country can stop that. He was running thru Alabama like they were melted butter. I've never seen anything like it…. and Hendon Hooker hits him in stride!

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