Rex Ryan makes scary predictions of Super Bowl LVII: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Rex Ryan makes scary predictions of Super Bowl LVII: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs
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The NFL Playoffs are here! Several members of the BarDown team are competing in a bracket challenge with a lot on the line. Let us know your predictions in the comments below!
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  1. Laurel Herring

    Patrick mahomes has a genie that comes out of the bottle and does not go back into the bottle until the game is over.. how are you going to play against I am from Missouri so you got to show me

  2. Loot Marsh

    Wassup with the eagles raping and kidnapping women ? 🤣🫵🏽 I mean I can’t make this 💩 up 🤣 fly eagles fly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Travis Webb

    How can we get The Kelce's Mom do the coin toss?

  4. Mark Jackson

    NFL will rig it for the new golden boy. So obvious now

  5. Noloso

    Mahomes gives me the same vibes as when i watched Messi the first few seasons. It is obvious that Mahomes will go down as the best player in history if he manages to stay healthy for a long time, he is just that good.

  6. jerseydave71

    Rex ryan makes prediction!!! Rex ryan nowhere to be found in this video….Why???? Is he such a draw for click bait…tired of reading the description and the video not what it is titled…should be able to give two thumbs down. The milk has gone bad darkness!!!

  7. Bung Monkey

    There's no Rex Ryan this is more bullshit Asian click bait

  8. Alwayzchillin07

    Just think about it, Jalen had average-below average stats and we still hung 31 on the “leagues best defense”. 🤪😂

  9. Tik Tok

    fyi, Rex Ryan does not appear in this video and no predictions are made by anybody in this video.

  10. Pooped on your chest

    Has Mahomes won any big games without controversy? Seems fishy

  11. OutsideMax

    As an eagle fan i almost want a close game. Both of our games have been over by halftime. We'll see if KCs line can hold up.

  12. Thyme Gadson

    REX never says a SINGLE WORD here!

  13. Michael Vega

    Eagles schedule was as weak as the cowgirls… They bout to get smoked!

  14. uranomichiaruki1

    Rex Ryan isn’t even in this clip let alone giving predictions

  15. Mister Mills

    Philly about to put a beatin on the chiefs. Philly D is no joke. Coach ain’t having it

  16. Bonzology3

    Michael Jordan won 6 championships and mahomes has one, stop already media clowns

  17. Bonzology3

    Mahomes is a good actor, he’s bringing the gay soccer faker crap to the nfl

  18. Nature Baker

    Mahomes better be ready to run for his life! Eagles nation!!!

  19. The Grinch

    Chiefs survived the divisional round. And with all the help from the refs barely beat the bengals. Eagles have two blowout wins in the playoffs. But I’m mostly hearing about Pat Mahomes.

  20. Nikki A

    Matt guess the super bowl game right.

  21. beez1219

    The eagles are so overrated. 🤡

  22. My live as a boy

    Who Dey

  23. James Brooks

    Only one bracket is anywhere close. The rest are embarrassing. This is why Canada doesn’t have an NFL team.

  24. Thomas

    Hein with another howler

  25. Rowan Pino

    dude thomas got it exactly spot on.

  26. Trent Harris

    Well Bills are out so most of you were wrong lol

  27. Connor Mcjesus

    Corwin got all of his wild card predictions wrong except for the Bengals and Giants☠☠

  28. Connor Mcjesus

    Offense win games, niners defense wins championships

  29. Patrick DeStefano

    This was definitely recorded in the east coast

  30. Andrew Smith

    That is a beautiful board guys! I will be stealing this design haha!

  31. NAP_Ingenious

    Most of these dudes are casuals 😭

  32. ninjamaster802

    Kentucky chiefs or cowboys going to win Super Bowl

  33. Cassandra Nugent

    Well, we know who’s doing street art I guess

  34. Stinkface McPooplightning

    It’s fun coming back to this video after every game and see who’s bracket is still standing

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