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At Linemaker Sports, it’s our mission to make it easy for all sports bettors to consistently win more and grow their bankrolls to new levels by sharing the best practices of professional sports betting so that you have a clear roadmap to achieve massive success with your betting.

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  1. Mr Meseeks

    This is how u win. U getting a couple handicappers with proven results from DECADES of sports betting and ONLY bet their 2 unit plays. And ONLY bet on pinnacle. If you’re line is -5 off. STAY away that’s 1.2% more u need to be right. Suckers bet at -110. -105 is the difference

  2. Gator Don’t Play

    Got my phone call scheduled tomorrow! Ready to get started the right way.

  3. CryptixSyntrix

    Ooooooohhh he said your gambling in the stock marketπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Steven

    Great information. I need more

  5. Xrp Debo

    With the membership it’s only one pick a day?

  6. Chris

    Love watching these videos as a refresher and reminder really about patience and discipline when it comes to bankroll management.
    But also sometimes when I see specials nothing wrong with not taking them if it doesn't relate to your kind of bet (for example if the special is when betting a parlay when you rather play a straight bet) or if the special is if you bet on a sport you know nothing about feel free not to play it.
    But also sometimes there could also be deposit specials where you get a free bet for existing customers. For example get a free bet of $100 if your next deposit is $100.
    However I will withdrawal $100 from the sportsbook, then immediately redeposit the same $100 get the free $100 bet, but the bank account ( whoever you bank with) remains the same.

  7. The Lone-wolf

    Frank you seriously have to be the realist person making videos about this stuff that I’ve ever seen we appreciate you man

  8. marlon marinez


  9. Sean-Cnack

    I started over from a very small amount. I had a good amount a year and half ago, and had to take everything out due to personal reasons. Right now I take anywhere from 10-20 % each month, also I'm working on the side to gain more money. The goal is by the end of football to have at least 5 sites with a starter bank roll. Line makers sports will help you understand what you need to do to be successful. Making on phone call with the team will make you think different about how you manage your time, and money. Good luck if people have plays tonight.

  10. TamΓ‘s Odor

    What is a realistic monthly % gain that's possible in sports betting? is it possible to get to 20-30% within a month?


    Hey Frank First day at it tonight. Doing the Money% to Betters strategy for my 5 picks. Do you have a favorite with choice? O/U, Spread, Moneyline?

  12. Rufus Johnny

    Putting money aside

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