Really Bad Day in Football 🤯

Really Bad Day in Football 🤯

Really Bad Day in Football 🤯

Part 3:
Part 2:

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  1. A l

    That if I was in that I will be so so really heart and cry so bad and bad🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😭😭

  2. Christmas dogey

    When neymar cried bc of his injury I was so sad even if we defeated brazil 4-2 in penalty I really want in 2026 the brazil to win 2nd or 1st

  3. Jens Neuhaus

    Broke neymar He is so unlucky

  4. Fred

    1:00 Keep this for the records: one of the only time Neymar isn’t faking… Awesome…

  5. ADDER

    God those thumbnails…

  6. Dougie Cox


  7. Lklucas

    I don't get most of it???

  8. more wammes gamer


  9. CrabYello

    Clickbait! Where's the explosion?!

  10. Aug 22

    Cringe clickbait

  11. -‘*Shizu*'-

    For me, when Brazil and France lost I started crying so probably the worst days for me…

  12. MonkeMan123

    bro can you not use the "im falling" music 3 million times in a video

  13. Amber Cox

    God 🙏🙏 is good the best way to get rid of sin

  14. Putra Irhamni

    Where's the fire? Freaking clickbait

  15. dvrk

    4:12 guy nearly falls over after he kicks the ref who didnt even move 💀

  16. Scott K

    stupid music ruined the video

  17. Caleb Suchecki

    This is not going to be fun

  18. Crystain

    Bro flag will not be good it will be trash were is the tackle

  19. Dinosaur Midnightsaur

    NFL need to go get good refs I get sick of that having bad refs.

  20. Einar Juel

    Where is the joke?

  21. Erinyes999

    Wait what?!? I thought this was a joke. They’re really playing flag football 🤦🏼‍♀️

  22. scot robinson

    Play flag football ever week!

  23. R P

    U know what was fun to watch…the great late Sean Taylor smacking the punter

  24. First Name

    No thanks. I'd rather let my gf pull on my flag pole. I quit watching regular games when Goodell told me to think of the NFL like I think of the WWE. Well, I quit watching wrestling at like 9. Sooooooooo. To each their own tho.

  25. Mar M.

    I'm not watching flag football.
    The NFL should just pay the players enough to make participating in the Pro Bowl worth it.

  26. Rhonda Sanchez🤣

    I wanna see QB skill competition's. Old heads vs Young bucks

  27. Erin Donofri

    Bring back QB challenges.

  28. Thrillainthemanilla

    What is it about dom you don’t enjoy? As an avid Tekken 7 enjoyer and one of the few Tekken god Omega players (top rank) in the world I imagine the game would get old if offense was reactable but For Honor kind of has a built in way of changing the gameplay by also having team fighting modes so the gameplay doesn’t get too stale

  29. Thrillainthemanilla

    I’m happy to see Peyton doing so much better. I remember when reports were coming out that he couldn’t clench his hands and at one point had no feeling in his fingers. Neck injuries are scary

  30. AnthonyPerry312

    Whoever came up with this idea should be fired.

  31. M D

    Maning is on the AFC or NFC

  32. W M

    Who are you guys kidding?? PLZ

  33. cs512tr

    Flag football lol
    This is just a way to slowly change regular season to flag football.. weak

  34. Adam 69

    Boo flag football go back to old days

  35. Kangiruu

    Wtf do the lineman do

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