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Money Talks TV Show Season 1 Episode 1
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In the premiere of this series following Las Vegas sports handicapper Steve Stevens (VIP Sports Las Vegas), the “bookie killer” lands in hot water when he can’t deliver wins. Meanwhile, VIP salesman Chris Pirelli feels pressure from the industry; and a life-changing event changes Steve’s world.
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  1. Wakita Sioux

    I can pick 50/50 games myself.

  2. Jeremy Mitchell

    Ol Steve got a bump at 5:50 🤣

  3. Vincent Brown

    Pirelli my favorite motherfucker on this show 😂😂

  4. Ez Clapz

    He just double on a lot smfh he didn’t even win crap only vip made money smh plus he has to pay tax on that 60k win so he is actually negative 😂😂😂

  5. Shivas Irons

    The boss is having a kid and the office doesn't have a pool on the weight? I cant believe it.

  6. Shivas Irons

    I tried everything in the book to pick a football game, then it dawned on me, whos got the best Q.B.? Theres your winner !

  7. Shivas Irons

    Im just schocked they let him smoke in that bar!


    mrs wong wants that white money

  9. Pate Futch

    So you bet 11 to win 10? So you’re never going to get ahead lol

  10. gmoney

    I had a parlay win if buffalo new how to play for 13 seconds.

  11. Jerome Estrada

    I love this show but 50% commission for taking no risk is too much, 35% sounds fair

  12. Kilwi Rivera

    At the 6:00 min mark dude was def blowing some lines in the bathroom 😂

  13. anders andersson

    risking 100 000 to win 15 000

  14. Malcolm Clarke

    When I watch this it makes me think I should make money from sports betting, but I don't!!

  15. OmegaMan

    hold up loss 30 k win 60k Steve gets 50% so win is then 30k the guy is at ZERO steve.

  16. Professor Zoom

    omg i hate pirelli.
    he’s not a bad salesman tho 🤣

  17. Calvin Fisk

    Steve's handicapping analysis isn't that deep and he brags about getting inside information.

  18. Calvin Fisk

    Most of my life I have bet against the Bengals, if Steve had the 60,000$ play on the Seahawks, why didn't he use that game instead?

  19. gaming outworldspeed

    Worst thing is picking a favorite that wins and doesn't cover.

  20. xChuck Wagon

    dude bet 22k to win 10k

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