Rasmus Ristolainen Montage | Buffalo Sabres | 'Boom'

NHL highlights of Rasmus Ristolainen!
Buffalo Sabres

Song: P.O.D. – Boom
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  2. doinksauce

    this Finnish guy

  3. Jokael

    Risto will blossom in Philly under AV and the vets around him!

  4. K Huffy

    Philly got a good player good luck Rasmus

  5. MitchW98

    Welcome to philly.

  6. Jeig0

    Future all star In philly

  7. Rosci

    Welcome to the Flyers, hope you ascend since ur out of buffalo

  8. Jeff N

    Now teach the other Flyers how to hit.

  9. Don_Vito

    Welcome to Philly

  10. Matt Potsie

    Risto gonna be a monster in philly

  11. Ramez Hassan

    Welcome to Philly😈😈😈

  12. philly_sports

    Welcome to Philly

  13. Michael Kulhowvick

    1st Flyers fan to visit

  14. Danforth Pakaste

    Good video, fans watching this might think hes actually pretty entertaining and decent player, definitely overpaid but it is what it is. 26 year old on his prime and if flyers can re sign him and he loves Philadelphia, this trade will look like a steal for flyers. Remember that the draft class is absolute shit.

  15. EG10

    Welcome to the flyers rasmus !

  16. FlyersFan028

    Watching his highlights while crying because my team overpaid.

  17. SudoGenkiYou

    Millo siirto tepsii?

  18. mussu suomalainen

    Kova jätkä 🇫🇮🤟

  19. ɥɔʇıʍɹǝzuɐԀ

    Pitäs pelata Phillyssä

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