POV: Everyone gets to pick their name…

POV: Everyone gets to pick their name…

NHL Playoff Picks | Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars Game 4 Predictions | Puck Time May 25

🥅 The Florida Panthers booked their ticket to the Stanley Cup finals with a sweep of the Carolina Hurricanes. Will the Vegas Golden Knights be joining them? Join Carmine and Andrew for Puck Time as we discuss Game 4 in the West.

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Thursday’s game for discussion:
Introduction 00:00
Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars Game 4 11:58
Charity Challenge 24:00

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  1. skyy

    Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

    Exodus 20:7 KJV

  2. Alex Flamindu

    Lanus large anus

  3. Mr Philippines

    Robin dabank got me😂

  4. DoTheGrew

    Sounds like Miss L Anus to me

  5. Doom

    Hi, I'm Robin Dabank, O my god it's sounds awful, why, is sounds like robbing the bank😂😂😂

  6. idkwhatname

    What if your name was gain eagers

  7. 💕ToffeexSalmon💕

    I need some bleach help-

  8. Liam Alphonse Mendoza

    I was waiting for Harry Cox-

  9. hellokitty

    I’d accept the robin dabank one tbh it’s a cute name

  10. lexa_

    instead of pronouncing ima as ''iimah'' pronouce as 'iema'' like emma, ''emma hog''

  11. Ryujim

    Hi I'm here to get the money
    What's your name?
    I'm Robbin Dabank

  12. Uzmaki Nardo

    I think I need sleep I read the “Name” at the beginning as Naive for that entire part and was so confused as to why it said naive but it didn’t actually say naive

  13. ItzDiamondAlliance And ItzOneWorld

    Imagine someone named his son and daughter Robin Dabank You rfree to go ma am

  14. Rakshita Dhawan

    "hooning sibling" ,I cant

  15. iBBi Playz

    Her next name will be lebron james 😂

  16. Ashok Madaan

    Your। name। is Jessica 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 my। to

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  18. K. T. Owusu

    Hit a nice 2 game proline ticket this afternoon $$$$
    Latvia and Manchester United
    Latvia was 5.50 vs Sweden
    Sometimes proline just gives you gifts.
    Latvia been getting high odds all tournament.

  19. D Best

    Agree Dallas win tonight & comes home to close it out , LET'S GOOOOO

  20. qordaseus alexander

    gave out VGK +1700 to my chat back in March.

  21. Thomas Gibson

    Is there any value betting Hill at +2k for the Conn Smythe? Bob seems to dominate the talk of a goalie winning. However, if vgk wins the cup, is there a chance Hill wins?

  22. Bigfoots dikk

    No talk about Jamie Benn being suspended?

  23. parker smith

    Im taking seguin shots 👍2.5.

    Because it looks like he’ll be replacing Benn on the 1st unit Powerplay.

  24. Ryan Keelan

    Tkachuk didn't score in overtime last night

  25. Maria Rocero

    Are you serious did u see Vegas play ? Not only one scoring most of them they have depth ! Knights all the way going to win Stanley cup

  26. Philly Joe

    Knights are going to win the cup imo. I think they have great defenseman and alot of playoff experience. Bob would have to play out of his head which he already is but Vegas is different

  27. Effen Bob

    Stars are dead. I'll take 1p over 1.5, Stars can't stop VGK and they need to score so I'm expecting both to score early.

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