Placing my FIRST EVER $500 SPORTS BET on a SINGLE GAME! Nov 9 2019 Las Vegas Sports Betting Vlog

To celebrate 500 subscribers to my channel I drove up to Las Vegas for the day to bet on college football and specifically place 0 on a single game. Did the bet win or lose? Watch the video to find out.

Skip ahead to 10:00 if you just want to see the result of the bet.

Bumper Music and music in background of Westgate by Joakim Karud

Drive to Las Vegas music by BraveLion:


  1. Bayou Tapes

    smoke free….haha i feel you on that

  2. ilmi talks

    Bro is there a limit to bet on sports please reply

  3. born2fi8

    Can a tourist play bets here?

  4. Michael Leite

    Cost him 600 for the trip 😂

  5. bailey

    13.8k subscribers later ❤️lesgooo

  6. buu zuu

    that seemed like a loong drive just to bet…. id rather use app or go to tab machine save petrol & spendin food & drinks & aviod sinus i get that to when im round smokers or inhaling such things air humidifers usually help & at home saves money especially with betting app & ive tried college i cant b bothered lookin for so many teams & info its quite hard to keep up with only spent $10-$15 doing $5s for 3 or so weeks tryin do combos of 6games i kept gettin 2/6 so no improvement its best to move to another til i know more rather then usin stats all time things lik positionin changes or injury influenced is hard part to keep up with like centre how improtant that is & left tackle compared to right & other factors im keep to popular sports atm nhl,nba once a week nfl i lik underdogs only cuts out 2 games if i were to do lines id hav to have 6games on to mak $200+ with underdogs 3-4games with $5s & im not a fan of single staking in future itll have to be 2-3games $500+ for me so im making at least $1800-$3500(+ if underdogs) from $500 so its worth the loong drive & day 2combos of $500 would b good

  7. Blue Oak

    I have a little money and still waiting to make my first bets, but I'm scared 😭

  8. Robin Astrelli

    I live in Las Vegas which casinos can I bet on boxing matches in person? And how do I pick up my money when I win a bet?

  9. Per Ulv

    So your bankroll is 25-75k you seam conservative so I think closer to the larger number. (50-150 units.) I assume ur aiming for ruffly 5% roi. So I order for you too actually make money you need quite a lot of games/bets.

  10. Adrian Kennedy

    Don't beat the books join there side instead you will win a lot more money

  11. RodddTv

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  12. Freek Buzz

    Looking for new system for more benefit? Try – Zcode system – (just google it, especially line reversals tool) I’ve got pretty good results with it, when signal sensitivity is 14+ and smart money move arrow appearing and public over 65% on favorite

  13. Heinzbuck Sandcastle

    How do you deal with that traffic? Crazy!

  14. Bullet One

    I just discovered some crazy site focused on soccer betting. He has records since June 2020, .. yes it would seem to be expensive but it's worth it, if you don't wanna buy, just keep watching his tips regularly

  15. Apex Delta

    Hey brother I a real newbie to this and I want to bet on the Conor fight in January , how do you do it? Do you just walk in ? Like I really don’t know the step by step process , I understand the (-+) already , just placing the bet is what’s confusing

  16. Kingdom Cre8tive

    R u bipolar??? You r so wishy washy its 😝

  17. Kingdom Cre8tive

    U need an average bet of 1500 to win in sports and a 100k roll min

  18. Truth Monster


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