Picks 1-10: Multiple Quarterbacks & Trades! | 2023 NFL Draft

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  1. Joshua Howard

    Go prove the haters wrong CJ

  2. Mathein Azman

    Maxx Crosby, Chandler Jones, Tyree Wilson. What a pass rush! Lets gooooooo!!

  3. Donivan Hummel

    Is the "draft experience" really worth giving up your freedom?

  4. Donivan Hummel

    You know what's dumb? If I'm a Qb who is likely being drafted 1st by the leagues worst team, I'm not entering the draft. Why not do things on your own terms? Sign as a free agent with whatever team you like and likes you. Pick your own city, don't let the league owners tell you where you have to live and play.

  5. Niko_Style

    so many good picks i was there

  6. King T Will

    The Texans won the 1st Round

  7. Chris Lewis

    Michael Turk is the NFL

  8. Luis Agudelo

    Ugh i REALLY don't like how short Bryce young is..

  9. Pedro L

    Texans won the draft

  10. CodeNameEZ

    Sway Lee to the Falcons 🎉

  11. CodeNameEZ

    Damn thanks Coach… 👀 Who saw👋

  12. pipiopi

    Goodell is 5'9. theres not way Young is 6ft.

  13. Victor Shavers

    I'm sick of his regression well take yur ass to hell then bold n brave soldier…

  14. kos DJ

    The first 10 pick are black dudes first time in our history

  15. Xavier Wren02

    Philadelphia this year is gonna be even more dangerous then they were in 22. Getting Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith was a very great move on their part. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a run to get back to the Super bowl for SB LVIII in Vegas!

  16. Baburo101

    Is Bama really in premier program anymore?

  17. Lucky Shelby

    Did he just ignore his HC

  18. Frederick Nichols

    Their dressing is not good, high water, tight fit dress pants with a big neck chair, unbelievable

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