PICKLE JUICE for Sports PERFORMANCE & Reducing MUSCLE CRAMPS?! | Pickle Juice 101

PICKLE JUICE for Sports PERFORMANCE & Reducing MUSCLE CRAMPS?! | Pickle Juice 101

Why do athletes drink pickle juice?

Today I discuss the use of pickle juice in sports and the science behind why it is used as a sports nutrition strategy by athletes.

Here in Australia we recently hosted the Australian Open tennis grand slam tournament which is where there was repeated mention of pickle juice being used among the athletes tackling the Australian heat while trying to perform at the highest level.

So is pickle juice a new powerful supplement? Or is it another fad? Or is it simply a useful tool an athlete can use as part of their sports performance plan to help stay at the top of their game?

In today’s video, I will cover:
What is pickle juice?
The proposed function of pickle juice in sports explained!
Exploring the science: is there evidence to support the use of pickle juice?
The Regimen: How should pickle juice be used?

Watch this video to learn if you should start sippin on that pickle juice!

DISCLAIMER: Pickle juice may not be suitable for everyone (eg those with high blood pressure) and is recommended to be trialled under the supervision of an Accredited Sports Dietitian and/or relevant health professional.

✅ Please consult a Sports Dietitian to find out if pickle juice is right for your situation (remember: customisation is key with nutrition).

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Pickle Gear Pickleball Net

The cost I mentioned on the video was actually just for the net on Amazon. The whole net and frame run 0.

FOLLOW UP!!! 12/20/2018

I wasn’t impressed with the quality and reached out to Eric, the owner of Picklegear. He was very professional and assured me his company made some modifications in the last 8 months (the nets I had were a year old). Eric didn’t even ask me to take down my negative review!

So glad we connected! I look forward to making a follow-up video!!
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