Panthers select QB Bryce Young 1st overall in the 2023 NFL Draft | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Panthers select QB Bryce Young 1st overall in the 2023 NFL Draft | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Panthers select QB Bryce Young 1st overall in the 2023 NFL Draft | NFL | UNDISPUTED

The first round of the NFL Draft is in the books and the Carolina Panthers selected Alabama quarterback Bryce Young with the first overall pick. When asked what the pick meant for the organization, owner David Tepper said quote, “Super Bowls.” Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Bryce Young going first overall.

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Panthers select QB Bryce Young 1st overall in the 2023 NFL Draft | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Dr. Winifred Bragg

    Panthers you have young guy with a Great work ethic. He should have no off the field distractions to take away from the team based on his history. He is small in statue but has BIG skills!!! Congrats to Bryce…

  2. JT Jackson

    Shannon can’t name Miles Sanders, Adam Thielen, DJ Chark or Hayden Hurst?

  3. Jay Jones

    He's not Caleb! That my QB1!

  4. Cam Joseph

    Clueless, how about y’all get your facts strait before spitting nonsense

  5. Bash Meehan

    Skip consistently has the worst takes. Disrespectful to fields to say Bryce is already better having not played a single down in the nfl.

  6. Shakiem Jean Joseph

    2023 Carolina Panthers Offense
    QB-Bryce Young
    RB-Miles Sanders
    WR-Terrance Marshall Jr.
    WR-Adam Thielen
    WR-DJ Chark
    TE-Hayden Hurst

  7. Anthony Brown

    I hope this works out for us

  8. Kody Cartwright

    Skip endorsed Kyler and Baker the same way, which means he gonna suck

  9. Steven Hudgins

    Man they sleeping on the other "pieces carolina has got/have

  10. Jack B

    Shannon and Skip the best!!!

  11. Scott Wiley

    Short quarterbacks …. Not sure about this hype

  12. CoolinWitCj

    Come on bru you can’t name anybody on the offense?!! Looking at your face I can tell you were lying acting like u don’t know the rb like he ain’t go for 1,000 last season. And we just got mingo No research again but it’s ok come the season you gone be able to name the whole roster

  13. Char

    I hope he has a greatttttttt o line or he gonna get killed

  14. Stephen Beddard

    Why do they keep saying Young has no pieces around him? Did they not see the names added to the offense?

  15. Kenneth Fulk

    Congrats Bryce, you deserve it all. From the Bama Nation. Roll Tide !!

  16. Kenneth Fulk

    Being in Charlotte for years, i will FINALLY have an interest in watchi the Panthers, give Bryce some good WR'S and a good OL and running back. then the Panthers will be a playoff team year and year out with a Super Bowl in the future. RTR !!!!

  17. Stephen Beddard

    As a Panthers fan, i think only time will tell with this guy. We'll see if he is "that guy"

  18. Victor Starkiller

    This is hard to watch. They didn’t do their homework on Carolina but that’s okay. They’ll see this year.

  19. handymandy20

    Benette iv has been in more bigger games and is a better deal and will be better

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