Orlando Brown Jr. on Bengals’ O-Line, NFL Schedule Release and MORE

Orlando Brown Jr. on Bengals’ O-Line, NFL Schedule Release and MORE

Orlando Brown Jr. on Bengals’ O-Line, NFL Schedule Release and MORE

Cincinnati Bengals star left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. talks about the upcoming schedule release, facing the Kansas City Chiefs, their offensive line room and more!

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London Fletcher forecasts 12-5 in 2023! | INSTANT reaction to 2023 NFL schedule | Command Center

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  1. PenguinREA008

    Keep up your fantastic videos, God bless you

  2. Gold Tau

    I see Joe taking a lot of sack as usual

  3. Tom Jones

    I wonder if he holds against the chiefs zebras call it 🤔

  4. Zack Martin

    I hope he can help us secure that ring. Who Dey!

  5. #brother #Brother

    Man the way he speaks shows he ready to put in work… Who dey and who dey again… Bengal Nation 513-937, and that new area code lol

  6. Taylor Port

    Orlando Brown nevers mentions LC 🤔

  7. Michael Wilson

    Who-Dey22 you know they cheated the Bengals when they played the rams just like last year how the beat and hacked they players

  8. Randall Johnson


  9. IEradicate

    🩻 🐕 can’t wait to see him out there

  10. FRB

    Bengals @ Chiefs week 1 is a no brainer, but the NFL may prefer to have a later season matchup with playoff implications. Will be interesting to see what they pick.

  11. Who-Dey22'

    He is stepping into the most talked about problem that stopped this team the last two years from getting a championship. Frank Pollock and the guys HAVE TO bring it this year. Here's to a healthy season!

  12. Hi There

    We are still a year away from a playoff run.

  13. Curtis O Winfrey

    London da goat hes better than ray lewis

  14. Kurt Simon

    13 Emanuel The SwarmsCall Forbes WorKS ,Ron ,you Magic ,Harris, entire team Kzazy , Exceptional Both with arms shoulders leverages extenting , Bone Kore density Hands coordination 8,,
    Right leg 9, left leg needs strengthening hardening , Have all bee around football ,gangs and wavED of tackling and tacklers coordination, timing On beat ,indirectly, directly affect directly impact ,lots supporting occupying holding up tripping up ,CREATING opportunities spaces ,zones on time rhythm synchronization systems,, build schemes, mix ups ,match ups looks, mannED zones, Add 13 pounds might get on offense lol. GREAT JOB FOLKS, like Ravens8, Thank you 72 Dolphinss. Healthy UNBEATEN

  15. Albert

    12-5 is a bit optimistic… I say 9-8 and a chance of a playoff berth…Sam Howell may fare well if the offensive line can protect him

  16. Khalil Scott

    I got y’all going 9-8 finish last in the division

  17. EganmadIsHim

    We got a great OC in Eric B and the defense has been upgraded alot with the ball hawk emmanuel forbes well get around 10 to 12 wins

  18. John Tyler

    2023 willl be another .500 mediocre season with Ron as the HC.

  19. Deems

    London might be right! 11 or 12 wins is what I’m goin with

  20. Gary B.

    Im glad Ron didn't fire Major Tuddy! 😂

  21. Ngozi Ukaegbu

    That was nice. I thought all they wore in Boston were North & South pole jackets. On their legs they wear cardigans. That's what I heard.
    The Major is great.

  22. Weihua Cao

    8 wins at most, unless Sam turns out to be a gem

  23. saracha King

    We will be better than the giants and the cowboys.

  24. Nick S

    Book me a flight and tickets please. DC fan since the early 90’s. Love the New logo, but still have Vintage Redskin Gear. Family of 6, looking to see them against them Hawks November 12. We live in Anchorage Ak, lots of Seattle Fans here.

  25. YC

    12-5? That would only be Ron Rivera's fourth winning season of his entire head coaching career and it would be his first winning season since 2017 (in Carolina) that was 6 years ago. Just in case anyone was wondering. #HTTC #LeftHandUp 🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. Gunnar G

    12-5? Fletcher they put something in your coffee? 😂

  27. Robin Björlin

    unknown oline, untested QB and a weak linebacker core. 7-10 season incoming unless the offense makes a complete turnaround and a hidden gem emerges at linebacker.

  28. Tim Platte

    12-5? London must be high lol

    Seriously, we’ll be lucky to get 8 wins

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