One Nation, Under Pickleball | SC Featured

One Nation, Under Pickleball | SC Featured
The fastest-growing sport in America has the oddest name, the most humble beginnings, and an actual spy as one of its founding fathers. Welcome to Pickleball and the faraway place it was invented, Bainbridge Island, Washington
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  1. Jennifer Lucore

    Great job ESPN and their producer!. I loved helping on this video and am proud of the time and effort put forth to continue to share pickleball with the world!

  2. Carol M

    beautiful video!!!!!

  3. Maddie Toren Pickleball

    This is phenomenal! I love the story of how pickleball was invented and how the sport continues to rise to its glory, making positive impacts on anyone and everyone who gives it a try 🙌❤️

  4. Tha NS

    Not the dog not the dog !!!!

  5. Nikson Thomas

    Anna Leigh is such a badass. Awesome to watch her destroy adults in person.

  6. Steve Crawford

    Came from tennis, if you think its a joke then show up to the local court and see how you do. Youll be ok, but you will get smacked by the higher level players there. So what you came from tennis, just like thousands of other players who did as well. Burnt 800 calories in under an hour, made new friends, and got back into the competitve scenes at 39 years old. Give it a go, the tennis courts are mostly empty, and the community and friends you meet are welcoming. People will play down to your level no matter how bad you are, its about improving everyone.

  7. Jackie Cartwright

    Ya it matters! We wanna know who to blame for naming it pickleball!

  8. Bye Felicia-Karen

    Only thing sucks about PB is the 11 pt scoring which favors the servers. It should be first to 21 pt scoring (win by one) like in table tennis. PB scoring should reward both sides for hitting great shots!

  9. Olisa Family

    This was a pleasant feature to watch, Pickleball to me is life now 😆 progressing in this sport adds more life to me and my family

  10. Johnny

    Very tactical sport – great combination of thinking and physical effort. Some players may lean in either direction, but for those that are averse – my recommendation is to just try it. The scoring can be a little tricky at first, but hey -it’s 2022. There are numerous resources and articles available.

  11. Brandon Yano

    Does no one want to tell these people that they just re-invented Tennis???

  12. misterjgar

    As a Washingtonian (state), I am proud of our state's invention. 😀

  13. Tobechukwu Olumba

    Pickleball is positively a great game, and it can really get your early fall moods going.

  14. Pickleball spielen

    Nice view of the past and presence of this great sport, thank you! I certainly hope it has a bright future, also in Germany 😀

  15. The good DEVIL

    Ping pong IRL

  16. PRIS

    So it's an easier version of Tennis so more people can play? 🎾 Makes sense

  17. Geza

    Ill sum it for you. It’s easy to learn, takes no talent what so ever hence why its exploding. America loves to take the easy way

  18. _Jxrvis_

    Steelers on top

  19. Malik Willis productctions


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