Odds On: Champions League – Round of 16 – Free Football Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions

Champions League betting tips, picks and predictions for the 2022/23 season from Oddspedia. We’ve got the best betting picks and insight ahead of Round of 16 for the Champions League this Tuesday.

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Eduardo Siles is very well supported by the dream team Alvaro Romeo and Daniele Fisichella who are our experts in European football and betting. They will be guests of Odds On every UCL week to preview, discuss, analyse and dissect every fixture of this season’s Champions League. Alvaro and Dani are also on hand to provide betting tips, odds, picks and predictions for the Round of 16 of the UCL.

For all the latest Champions League odds, head to https://oddspedia.com/football/europe/champions-league#odds where you’ll find everything you need to secure your best bet.

00:00 Introduction
00:53 AC Milan vs Tottenham betting tips and predictions
09:45 PSG vs Bayern Munich betting tips and predictions
19:12 Dortmund vs Chelsea betting tips and predictions
27:21 Brugge vs Benfica betting tips and predictions
34:51 Alvaro’s Safe Bet
34:59 Dani’s Safe Bet
35:17 Alvaro’s ACCA
35:31 Dani’s ACCA

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💰 The 49ers won both regular season games against the Rams last year, but LA got its revenge in the playoffs. Who holds the advantage in tonight’s matchup? Join Kelly Stewart, Joe Raineri and Marco D’Angelo for Monday’s edition of Bet On It as we preview tonight’s NFC West clash between the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams.

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🏈 San Francisco 49ers -1.5 vs Los Angeles Rams (o/u 42.5)

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  1. Oddspedia: Sports Betting Tips & Previews

    The Champions League is finally here! 🔥
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  2. eyete yteras

    saw %200+ profit but when i go to the websites the competition is not there

  3. Kerei Ha

    Chelsea had alot of shots on goal in there last game against West ham

  4. Abel Teshome

    Ah 0 & Draw No Bet is that the same ??

  5. miyagi. k

    Alvaro NO! Bayern if they win only the league, is like a wasted season.

  6. Jake Gundlach

    Psg draw 😅

  7. Tartii

    " me and Tottenham are like two bald guys fighting for a comb" 🤣

  8. Yes hay em!!!!

    PSG will win

  9. Kevin Mccahill

    Nice information and content.

  10. alex souza

    Tottenham and Bayern easy win

  11. Harshit Srivastva

    PSG vs Bayern= PSG win💪

  12. Banewish Tungnung

    In this channel the only reliable analyst is the English guy (i don't know the name)

  13. jazzoj5

    I think Bayern obliterate PSG, who are terrible at the moment

  14. JC V

    love you guys! the best!

  15. Pronósticos Deportivos

    It's sure that Mbappe will play?

  16. Damian Nguyen

    Whatever Marco suggests, do the opposite and you'll get more wins. Marco! you're just terrible. Joe is just a bit better than Marco. The first 4 weeks of picks Marco and Joe gave was just awful.

  17. niles kallenbach

    I feel your pain Joe except mine is worse I teased Broncos plus 8.5 they lost by 9

  18. lenny battaglia

    had teasers ram plus 8 lmao hope he hedged

  19. Alex Lynn

    Marco was 0 for on this weeks bet on it. glad he came through with the 9ers and next week should be a correction.

  20. greg go

    Joe continuously goes well under .500 on his college and pro picks and this week i love how marco glosses over hiz of-er on pro picks and only 3-2 on college. but thats for the show porpoises ONLY i rekon, but (to quote an old valley girl days offering) 'I am soooo sure' they both rocked it for the clients!? haha

  21. cameron lane

    Marco sandwich game this week has to be the commanders right? Tennessee -2.5 in between both colts games world going to be on the titans here

  22. Michael Henderson

    Hey how about Kansas??? No way they were going 5 and 0…can't wait for the college football this week…

  23. Marc Sheaprd

    Ahhhhhhh 🥺 just found this now 🥺😫😫😫

  24. Kitty Kay

    As usual when the data and the consensus of you all are in agreement to the total. With the under being the side making the most sense. It'll be the OVER tonight.

  25. Gary Dino

    I need the Niners tonight to close out a 4 game parlay. I did hedge the other side so either way I'm winning something. Go Niners!

  26. HoneyBadgers

    Don’t blame Brisset, you should have bet the Falcons

  27. Charlie Hatem

    I like the show but coming on smiling and happy when all of us followers dumping $ don’t seem right


    my pick for tonight's nfl game 49ers-1.5

  29. ESSEE

    14:13 Thanks Marco for your Freudian slip🤣😂

  30. Tim Lape

    Yesterday was rough…ouch

  31. ESSEE

    need Kupp to have a TD for a straight prop, o20.5 1H straight, Rams +8.5 to finish out a Week 4 – 4 legger…..Went 14-2 on pickems this week when Rams win tonight – didn't bet all of those $$$ wise. Ravens killed a +1083 parlay (thanks Harbaugh)

  32. derrick williams

    Marco, you were 0-5 on the show. Maybe your 5 percent best bet, That you had to buy won. But your show picks were 👎🏿 good at all.


    You know you should put your comment about the blooper reel on the blooper reel because nobody is calm, cool, and collective. What are they? A stock market tip? It's calm, cool and collected!!

  34. Sil Catenacci

    Yeah, on the show this week, bad picks. That being said, I trust this trio. They’ve made me some extra $.

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