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Another busy day in the NRL ER… 🚑👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

As the 2019 NRL season looms, all 16 clubs head to NRL ER for a pre season check up.



  1. Bennys Studio

    Where do I get it

  2. Andrew Rogers

    Melbourne storm are the biggest chokers out

  3. WrangWrang is me

    Rest doco

  4. Bomber404

    “I’ll be the banker”. “More like the wa-“. Hehe

  5. Russo Swerve

    Whoever writes these definitely knows what they’re doing 😂

  6. paul snow

    If it's like the NRL, no-one will be watching it be played.

  7. Zach_Attack I

    I’ll be the banker

    More like the wan-

  8. Aston Nevard

    I actually wish the nrl did actually have a broad game if they haven’t already

  9. Robert Roy

    Forget a board game how about a bloody video game once every 3 years

  10. Logan Boyd

    I’ll give that kiwi accent a 4, worth a try

  11. That Boy

    So is this real or will my hopes and dreams be crushed further.

  12. Big Dickson

    This may be the best YouTube video I’ve seen

  13. tbyrn21

    the connect 4 omg

  14. Neil Kruse

    As a Saints fan I hate how realistic this is, and I hate that nothing bad happens to the Storm.

  15. Matthew Wilkins

    'I've got nothing" 😂😂

  16. Hamish Malone

    why are sportsbet so good?

  17. Reckless4800

    Rolls a 5, counts to 6.

    Yep thats how they count folks

  18. n7fty

    Soo like can i get it on amazon?

  19. El Scruffo McScruffy

    Geez, the hype around Ponga. Sure he plays well, but not every game…

  20. hsimah

    Hahahah “use ponga three times a set” 💀💀

  21. Tye Corbett

    why did they say dez is back again and then he cried, like dez was manly's best coach in the last decade and pushes them to many wins

  22. Reegan Summerville

    The knights was accurate

  23. Angus Moran

    Lol manly came 6th

  24. M


    Soccer the most powerful sport on Planet Earth has four billion fans and loved by every country on earth or over 240 countries including dependencies> rugby league is only has 9 million fans popular in 4-7 countries

    Soccer a sport for all religions, race, backgrounds, nationality dvda

  25. Yasir

    batting and getting out for a duck


  26. Burners

    Poor Gold Coast R.I.P

  27. Breaking Toast

    lol they predicted manlys season well

  28. Germanic Barbarian

    7 mad manly fans 😂

  29. mitch roberts

    I'm a Raiders fan… THAT WAS CLASSIC!

  30. Bobby Raketic

    Haha love it !!!

  31. Rastus DarkLord

    Aaaaahahaha…. classic one team… glad to see my bets paying for quality production

  32. Grace R

    Not an NRL fan, but this was fantastic! Careful if you do an AFL one though… some fans are very touchy when it comes to it

  33. tgfajd

    This year is the warriors’ year

  34. J.P Sportzz

    Yet another Sportsbet classic!!!

  35. Joshua Nohra

    Fuck yea, lucky number 13th comment

  36. CrispDori

    I like how every team has been sledged apart from the MIGHTY ROOSTERS

  37. Wyatt Taylor

    Not enough eels parts

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