Nostradamus' Predictions For 2022 Sound Pretty Bleak

The 16th-century French astrologer and soothsayer Michel de Nostredam, aka Nostradamus, has been credited with accurate prophecies regarding the Great Fire of London and the death of Henry II of France, among other major historical moments. More recently, his supporters have even claimed that he predicted the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the destruction of the World Trade Center. Skeptics, however, point out that his vague poems are just being interpreted to entertain modern audiences, and that he never really has been correct about anything in a specific sense. That said, if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief, Nostradamus seemingly had some bleak predictions for 2022. Here’s what the seer supposedly saw.

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  1. Grunge

    What do you think these predictions?

  2. Jack Griffiths

    I think we will have another war espically with everything going on with ukraine and russia at the minute i think we will see ww3 i dont think it will nuclear warfare russia arnt that stupid too wipe there selfs out nor the Chinese

  3. ApexWolf

    bible shows us that history repeats itself

  4. Thor's Hammer

    Kabbalah occult abomnations is what he was delving into that goes against Yahuha Elohim.

  5. Emilio Pradillo

    NASA launched a satellite that crashed into a comment so they can direct its trajectory but nobody really seem to care about that news. Maybe that comet was heading our way. They said its was a test mission 🤔

  6. Dman Dmann

    “The new sage with a lone brain sees it invited by his disciples who were immortal” sounds nothing like an A.I take over sounds more like a Real new born prophet who Like yeshua is here too send a message that sounds more logical

  7. Aerial imaging net

    your forgetting the real one that is currently happening and intensifying , that's the grand solar minimum also the polar shift , we are averaging nearly 100 daily historical weather events , nothing is on the news , to busy distracting the masses with the plandemic , anything else can be related . good luck everyone

  8. Project: W.A.A.P.F.T.A.D

    Agenda 2030 and event 201 are extremely interesting to say the least.

  9. Jelly Calamity

    I’m young I ain’t dying

  10. HELPME100

    Gape ?👉🏻☝🏿

  11. John Thompson

    I predict that after I eat an In n Out Double Double with fries, that I'll take an enormous dump the next morning.


    Media made a joke to Nostradamus

  13. Speak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture

    Sounds like an echo of revelation in the KJV BIBLE.

  14. Sam Mandes

    If you're afraid then you right!

  15. Roo garoo

    After being made aware of the Simpsons making 3000 predictions & they happen does it make think that all the predictions are because it's the people on the Darkside Making Them Happen..They are forwarning people but the people haven't caught on to their scheming and devising, telling you it's gonna happen us, THEY ARE forewarning you. Wake up peeps!

  16. michaelcorbin2540t

    I look forward to the end I'm ready to watch earth implode from inside out

  17. Winspear blogs 101

    I don’t see the world ending, it’s just made up stuff

  18. very interesting

    Nostradamus should of graduated from university before practicing medicine. He enrolled but there is no record at the Paris university that he graduated.

  19. Demarcus Anderson

    You came out red Ike a hairy gourmet your not white your red white is not a color Romans 9:13 as it written Jacob have I love but I hated Esau

  20. Demarcus Anderson

    Moors ain't white people

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