NFL Week 15 Expert Picks: Insulting Every Game

NFL Week 15 Expert Picks: Insulting Every Game. The Steelers and Patriots will meet for the first time since the infamous Jesse James TD was reversed last season. Both AFC teams need a win after the Miami Miracle and losing to the Raiders last week. The city of Oakland is now suing the Raiders and the NFL citing an illegal move to Las Vegas.


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The NFL playoff picture should start to take shape after all these games are played. Unless of course all the bad football teams win and all the good ones lose.
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Houston Texans vs. New York Jets
Sam Darnold prepares to be smashed by Jadeveon Clowney & J.J. watt
Arizona Cardinals vs. Atlanta Falcons
The 4-9 Falcons are still in the wild card race.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Baltimore Ravens
Joe Flacco has been benched and will backup Lamar Jackson against Jameis Winston and the Bucs.
Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills
Josh Allen is favored at home against Matthew Stafford
Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
Akiem Hicks remembers what Aaron Rodgers said about getting wins in Chicago.
Oakland Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Derek Carr vs Jeff Driskel
Dallas Cowboys vs. Indianapolis Colts
Maybe the game of the week. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, & Amari Cooper are on fire, but not as much fire as Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton and Eric Ebron
Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Josh Johnson
Miami Dolphins vs. Minnesota Vikings
The Miami Miracle overtake the Minneapolis Miracle! Ryan Tannehill vs Kirk Cousins after the Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo
Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants
Can Derrick Henry and Saquon Barkley both rush for 200 yards in this game?
Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers
Russell Wilson & Bobby Wagner vs Nick Mullens and DeForest Buckner
New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, & Jesse James try to redeem themselves against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and safety Rob Gronkowski.
Sunday Night Football Philadelphia Eagles vs. Los Angeles Rams
Nick Foles will start with an injured Carson Wentz, Jared Goff tries to rebound after a 4 interception game against Mitch Trubisky and the Bears
Monday Night Football New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers
Drew Brees vs Cam Newton

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  1. Nannette Battista

    I think ScreenVariety Tv is good place for you if you'd like to watch it high quality

  2. Scrubb Dub

    im subbin then!

  3. M G

    The Bears clinched the NFC North–I want to see my Chicago Bears prove Stephen A Smith wrong. I mean I'll be completely alright if the Bears make it to the Super Bowl then lose–at least a Chicago team made the playoffs.
    A bitter Chicago Cubs fan

  4. Dalton71

    Left the Vikings behind when they fired Keenum and hired Mr. Choke Artist Kirk Cousins and pay him almost 100million, so being I'm from Oklahoma and a huge Sooner fan ,I jumped on the Browns bandwagon and yes even b4 Baker became the starter, and did so proudly! So 🖕 the Vikings !

  5. King Bored

    You're the best thing in my life. Screw these kids, my wife Karen and this dumb job.

  6. Steve Newsom

    12:40 was that a collinsworth slide-in?

  7. chief oriely

    Am I the only person who is honestly surprised how late we are in the season

  8. Steve Newsom

    Those sneaky, sneaky mouse pubes…

  9. John Majors

    I only have 1 question?:

    Hard or Soft?

  10. Logan Stolberg

    Pete Carroll has been chewing the same piece of gum since his first football job

  11. steve Czarnecki

    Definitely stay off weed. .or maybe Smoke more!! Packers over BEARS.

  12. T.C. Thompson

    Ridiculing (deservedly) Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless in the same video on unrelated matters

    Why does Bayless like representing the two now hated NFL fandoms? Cowboys and the Patriots.

  13. Shardzz -

    I knew I recognized your sense of humor from somewhere. I just watched an episode of =3 and saw that you directed it. Mind Blown

  14. John Wick

    Fuck the CowGirls

  15. DJGartin

    Where's the Cleveland at Denver preview?

  16. acidbrat

    Super Bowl LIII: Browns 27 Giants 17

  17. Adrian Barela

    I loved that comment on PFF grading a redwood in the 90% 😝 pure gold ✨

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