NFL Week 1 Predictions

The NFL Season is finally here. Time to break down every Week 1 game & predict who will start the season 1-0.


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0:00 Intro
1:14 Lions vs Chiefs
4:16 Panthers vs Falcons
6:06 Bengals vs Browns
7:32 Jaguars vs Colts
9:47 Buccaneers vs Vikings
11:46 Titans vs Saints
13:34 49ers vs Steelers
15:17 Cardinals vs Commanders
16:49 Texans vs Ravens
18:34 Packers vs Bears
20:58 Raiders vs Broncos
22:38 Eagles vs Patriots
23:56 Dolphins vs Chargers
25:36 Rams vs Seahawks
27:05 Cowboys vs Giants
28:49 Bills vs Jets
30:34 Outro
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  1. @DavidAddonizio

    28:44 We should've listened to you there, Tom. Let's just hope there won't be anymore Cowboys-Giants primetime games next year

  2. @theoneandonlymasterjosh2912

    30:01 boy was he so right on the money about how the OL might bite them in the ass because their quarterback is a 40-year-old man and might get injured and the worst case scenario ends up happening

  3. @wplg

    Damn! How many did you get right? lol

  4. @Salsuero

    Ouchies!!! Not too good for ya week one. Better luck next week!

  5. @lesliethompson4881

    Bucs did you a solid!!

  6. @ClarkKent_13

    Tom why do you hate me so? You hurt my heart with the non Niner love. Do you believe now?

  7. @4therush

    Yeah we going to need an update on that 49ers upset pick…

  8. @user-uk6eo9fj8y

    Did AMY of your picks won? Next pick the RAIDERS! lol

  9. @kcsoto9979

    Raiders won!

  10. @billyj9168

    Week 1 is really tuff in Pickems. I only have 8 right, 9 if the Jets win.

  11. @benbrann1593

    Packers are not going to the super bowl this year

  12. @benbrann1593

    Lions beat the chiefs by 1 point

  13. @Matuse

    The best part of this is the prediction about the Steeler's fans. That stadium was a sea of red.

  14. @seansimmons6932

    Don't gotta hate on Deshaun so much

  15. @jakesantangelo4

    Don’t worry Tom as a Bucs fan we did you a favor

  16. @steveo1552

    I was nodding my head in agreement until he picked the Steelers over the 49ers. Should have commented then 🙂

  17. @rudewalrus5636

    3:45, the Lions have officially graduated from the 'be competitive' phase. Detroit is coming in to win games this year, against anybody.

  18. @Hertacles

    Goff balling out for the Lions after LA threw the entire farm at them for Stafford is the reason why I love the NFL so much.

  19. @Obi1Classic

    28:35 SPOILER: It was NOT a good game.😑

  20. @nathanhu2565

    The chiefs one aged well

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