Are you guys going to do a draft prediction video?

  2. Dakota Lehigh

    Although I feel confident I'll probably suck as allways lmao

  3. Peyton Koopmann

    Are you guys doing a live mock draft like you guys did last year tomorrow night

  4. swavy x

    Let's gooo miss these

  5. NothinButNet

    Did I just see a murder on stream 😳

  6. Hhgreg

    Talking big smoke on my cowboys we gon be on top one soeason just watch

  7. MjIllbeck 23

    I dont think bears trade up and draft fields or any qb but rather stay at 20 because ownership will not allow it

  8. ParkerSCenter

    I'm going to be streaming for the draft myself on twitch, but I'll keep my picks up and compare them with the group! Good luck on the picks y'all!

  9. Matthew Eberly

    The intro tho! 🤣🤣😂😂

  10. Footballer 503

    The intro was legendary 🤣

  11. Sanchezjr13

    That intro still has my side hurting! Just joined! Can't wait!!

  12. Rocha Entertainment

    Lmaoooo yall are the best! You already know I'm winning this!

  13. L A Lou

    REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. XxSlayerGodXx

    You guys have the best intros 😂😂

  15. Ese MoFo

    Join up guy's 🤘🏼

  16. Jackson T

    Best content on youtube and it’s not even close. Y’all make my day everyday

  17. Keepin It Real 💯

    🤣😂Love You My Brother's!!Cult Of Fury 4 Life
    Hope everyone here has a great week and day

  18. Michael man

    Are y’all going to be doing a mock draft?

  19. Coal Sports

    LETS GO, Draft 2 days away can’t wait.

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