NFL Playoffs *Divisional Round* Best Bets & Parlays || 2023

NFL Playoffs divisional round picks and predictions on bets

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  1. Steve Brown

    Every break go against the bills. Did you watch it? Allen doesn't value the football and hill and waddle both dropped 3 very catchable balls. The bills caught every break they should've been down by 18 at halftime.

  2. Ishmael

    I'm taking the Cowboys, Bengals, and Eagles.

  3. picks dat hit

    If anybody can win with a bad online it's Joe Burrow. He went to the Superbowl last year and online was trash.

  4. Yee Joh Tay

    Thank you for your picks!

  5. Damien Hall

    Bengals down 2.5 starting linemen..Low scoring game.Take the under

  6. Sam Bostic

    Bengals are not one deminsional. The Ravens have a better defense than the Dolphins and they had a coach that could win a playoff game with a back up qb. Ravens defense only shut down the run game and if you give Joe Burrow plenty of with the Recievers he has, Bills defense is gonna be the reason why the Bills lose. Joe Burrow played pretty much Mistake free vs a Ravens defense while the Bills had 3 Turnovers vs a Dolphins defense and the Bengals forced 2 turnovers vs the Ravens. If the Bengals are one Deminsional, they would have more losses and not in the playoffs. Can you argue with that?

  7. Steven D

    DG. Miami receivers drop easy catches and Allen throws 2 picks. And things went against them? Stop doing shrooms man

  8. Devano Bell

    Jagwires lol can tell this guy wasnt a scholar in high school

  9. Ross

    Wrong already kc win 31 21

  10. Ross

    What makes it official.

  11. Mickey Dickey

    Ginger you said on New Years you were going to put out more content and buckle down with YouTube and so far you have. Been great buddy! The ranking videos the too early to predict videos. Keep it up!

  12. Jason G

    Damar Hamlin was a 3rd degree Masonic ritual.. why did he switch his number from 31 to 3—- 17 weeks ago??

    address of Masonic temple in dc is 1733 hmmm??

  13. Andrew Gardiner

    I feel good about the cowboys being decent on both sides of the ball but McCarthy vs Shanahan is the biggest mismatch of the game and keeps me off the boys

    I also think jags ML comes in but we will see. Just not high on KC and +350 is pretty juicy. KC by double digits or jags win outright no in between. Should be fun weekend good luck!

  14. Gunner apple

    Bills by double digits

  15. Gunner apple

    Dallas straight up

  16. Ray Jones

    Eagles cowboys nfc finals the Nfl will generate more ratings more money let alone Vegas who want to watch the giants in the finals let alone the boring 49ers

  17. LoMar Sweed

    Jagwires, Jagwires, Jagwires…. This dude loves saying Jagwires.

  18. Matt Bybee

    Trends mean next to nothing, game plan, talent, hunger, execution and luck are what games come down to with the occasional terrible call. Gotta take the niners at home with all those weapon's. Eagles should win by 10 points. Take Bengals with the points. You're one of those look at what the professional bettors are doing, I want to look smart too…

  19. John K8080

    Cowboys and Dak played 3 straight miserable games before beating a lousy Bucks team. 49ers have won 11 straight and averaged over 33 points a game in that span. I give you the 3 points all day. Niners run it up on Cowboys. Also, Eagle will run over Giants who are way over their heads at this point. Home favorites cover 75% in the divional round. There is almost at least one upset in this round so it could happen to anyone but I like SF to cover rather easily.

  20. wealthyfuture4

    are we going to get a live streams during one of the playoff games ?

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