NFL Game Picks Conference Championship

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  1. lolli gaggin

    they added women to these shows to make the housewives watch. they are absolutely clueless

  2. Dogon Backwards

    GO EAGLES!!!

  3. Zilzalag


  4. Ohmahr Guhdinoh

    Bangals vs Eagles coming from a Raiders fan

  5. Marc Danly

    Welcome to the jungle,Bengals all the waaaaay, oh niners got killed just shows she doesn't know what she's talking about.

  6. Da choosen one

    Stay salty y’all. Eagles destroyed the 49ers 🎉

  7. Xbox Bam

    Looks like Eagles are going to win the NFC and going to the super bowl.

    Now we gotta beat the Chiefs to cement our place in the super bowl as well… Go Bengals!

  8. Damon Coleman

    Eagle fly high

  9. Deborah Ginwright

    Amazing how Jalen Hurts can't manage to hit any of his receivers. This is fixed!

  10. shawn bopko

    I got the Eagles vs cheifs in super bowl Eagles winning by 20 even tho maholms are overrated

  11. Calipari2017

    My prediction Chiefs 32 Bengals 30.

  12. Jacob Wright

    That is some disrespect. Our stadium is call Arrowhead. Not Burrowhead. What a stupid name. My prediction is 31-45, Chiefs winning it

  13. Jonathan West

    This will be the first all black Super Bowl 2 black quarterback and Rihanna. Time is now

  14. Darrin Price

    Bengals vs Niners got the Bengals winning everything

  15. Rey Lopez

    Overtime game for Bengals chiefs and niners game falls on niners qb just have a no mistake game and niners will win.

  16. Poor Choice of Words

    Chiefs win. Sorry Bengals fans. That's right. I called it 7 hours ahead of time.

  17. Daniel Davenport

    Gonna be a Burrow vs Purdy superbowl

  18. Grumpy Old Dude

    As for Mahomes ankle, there is this thing called adrenalin. Once twisted my ankle pretty badly on a Saturday afternoon playing sandlot football in the Army. Then after we finished the game, we played volleyball, then we went rollerskating. That night, my ankle was swollen WAY up and purple. Buddies took me to the hospital. I hadnt twisted it, I broke it. THEN played more football, THEN played volleyball, THEN rollerskated. Mahomes will be fine,. KC 30-24. San Fran 27-24.

  19. Biebs

    This segment is so cringe…why do they say “spicy” every line at the top of the show?

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