NFL Divisional Round: Super Betting Preview [Best bets, player props] | CBS Sports HQ

The CBS Sports HQ crew takes a deep dive into the NFL Divisional Round, providing a full betting preview ahead of this week’s action.


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Ryan Wilson of @Pick Six Podcast joins CBS Sports HQ to break down his Giants mock draft!


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  1. Keanii Knows

    Everyone on bengals front is hurt? It's only larry o but whatever fits your narrative i guess lol

  2. esl teachor

    As far as the Rams, they are also dealing with a “banged up“ key offensive lineman, in addition to losing a day and a half in terms of rest because they played late Monday night whereas Tampa Bay had the early Sunday morning game. Oh, and that doesn’t include a travel day the Rams will lose. Tampa Bay‘s defense was particularly impressive until they called the dogs off during the fourth quarter. Philadelphia was the best running team in the league the second half of the season, and they couldn’t get anywhere on the ground until the Bucs decided to take a mini-vacation late in the game. Their defense will not do that against the Rams, who will be forced to throw much more than McVay wants. This comment “when you see how the Rams have been playing” needs an important qualifier: how they played in their most recent game only , against by far the weakest squad in the entire playoffs, after weeks of uneven performances(including at least 3 consecutive contests involving multiple TOs by Stafford).

  3. Thatguy Overthere

    Why is she there again?

  4. Anthony Lewis

    WHO DEY …

  5. Nomnso Okeke

    When Poppy Miller spoke, I suddenly thought I was listening to BBC Sport or Sky Sports News haha. I appreciate the 🇬🇧 representation

  6. Elite O.G

    Cornball takes, all surface level information. Yes the Titans can run, but how much can they rely on a Henry that's missed a over a month of game action? Also Tannahill tendency to throw interceptions with injury prone receivers. Can they keep up with Cincy offense? With a 28th ranked yard per game secondary? Talk about who's weaknesses can be exploited the most?? Come stronger if you want this like or share



  8. Taylor Hydraulics

    I dont know who they use for a book or how they come to Over +1200 for a 3-leg parlay, but EVERY U.S. Book is 6-1 odds on a 3-leg !!

  9. Floridajames04

    Brady was 0-4 against the Saints the last 2 years and Brady still got a Superbowl ring.. this kid is an idiot!
    Buccs all day!

  10. Igor Ilic

    Betting again against Tom and Buccaneers. Same like last year.. that mean Bucks gonna win. Bucks D will kill Stafford, he has no chance. Brady will do enough to win. Let's go.

  11. Nico Ruggiero

    “The bills can’t run the ball” – meanwhile they ranked 6th in total yards and 5 in YPC and are coming off four strait games with 170+ rushing yards.

  12. Yin Liu

    That is fair comment about Jimmy G. He tried very hard to give that game away, missing wiiiide open WR, INT, penalties.

  13. Logan Neuner

    Cmon green bay

  14. kameel juman

    Great stat with the Packers cold weather games BMAC!

  15. Lana Rhoades

    Really nice

  16. Denz On TV

    Bang bang niner gang !!!

  17. Jeffrey Abbey

    Giants need A QB

  18. The Giants 85

    Giants draft qb at 5 and get a De at 7th! If they smart.

  19. Rick Kasten

    I'd love to see the Giants get Linderbaum, but #7 is just too high for a C. I'd rather see them trade down if possible and pick up additional Day Two picks. There are quality C options in Round 3. They might even get Linderbaum anyway in the 9-16 range.

  20. Davey Dohrman

    I think giants should get mariota to come in & push &/or back up DJ…. he’s starter caliber backup 👍🏼

  21. Davey Dohrman

    Linderbaum is a MUST for Giants … I think a couple G/T prospects can be had in 2nd & 3rd rounds… so I’d go & trade #5 pick & get a later 1st & some more picks in exchange … the draft linderbaum at 7 (I don’t care if it’s a little high) …. then get pass rushers & OLs in 2nd & 3rd rounds

  22. John Blaze

    Here’s a little fact.. the NYG NEVER do as mocked. This goober has a better shot @ picking the weather in a random location anywhere in the world. Next fact Russell Wilson isn’t going to happen.

  23. Angel Rivera

    I would pick Amanda Guerra 1st , hands down ! … ❤️🔥

  24. Mike Morrissey

    Hear me out fellow giants fans: we get both of them OL…next step..getting Russell Wilson. (Doubt Rodgers would want to come here..especially him possibly winning superbowl for GB this year).

  25. newjerseyjustin

    I would love for the giants to get Hutchinson and a o linemen

  26. RFK

    Charles Cross will be a better pro than Neal imo. His technique and movement is superior. Ekwonu also has the potential to be a monster, he just needs to clean things up.

  27. Amazing Guy

    Please 🙏

  28. Miguel Duque

    Giants are not picking two linemen in 1st round sillly mock draft

  29. The NVP Show

    Getting those 2 would be unreal!

  30. OJ Apodaca

    Oh my god if the giants land both of those lineman I’d cream.

  31. Jarede78

    This would be the best possible scenario I think, but I doubt Evan Neal will fall. If not, I'd take Ikem. Either way, we're in position to drastically improve the O-line and can't mess it up.

  32. richard tuerck

    Both of these guys are not even top 15

  33. 121080hulk

    Jones needs to go

  34. Jonathan Lane Pounds

    If giants land Neal and Linderbaum we are certainly headed in the right direction.

  35. Rick chiarello

    Im not so sure about Neal. He looked a lot Ereck Flowers just using his size not technique in the college level . That dont fly in the nfl

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