NFL Divisional Round Recap Barstool Sports Picks Central || Monday, January 23, 2023

0:00 Intro
6:00 Divisional Recap
23:00 Bengals-Bills Recap
44:00 Championship Previews
54:00 Picks
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  1. Levi Keller

    33:03 both offenses were playing in the snow Mart

  2. Levi Keller

    26:30 they used it as one bub that’s all that matters

  3. Levi Keller

    25:30 don’t think so why would ppl hate Burrow he’s never disrespectful, he’s humble and plays the right way

  4. Levi Keller

    Brandon clearly saying Dak didn’t play well and was reason they lost and Smitty just keeps yelling at him, dude he knows

  5. Levi Keller

    Smitty Is the worst winner of all time, prolly don’t got many friends I wanted the Eagles to win till now lol

  6. Levi Keller

    Marty Quit crying plz

  7. Levi Keller

    I can’t do this show only 13 mins in Marty and Smitty have already annoyed the HELL out of me! Go away!! B-Dub, Megan, Ev all we need

  8. Brett Wilson

    Ticker is elite

  9. Levi Keller

    Couple mins in Marty already talking too much

  10. Levi Keller

    Brandon Walker gonna take his terrible Burrow ain’t that good take from last week? Hope so

  11. Levi Keller

    Damn Marty’s back ay 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. Matthew Dunnavant

    Megan carries now

  13. Big_AL’s_ Channel

    Meagan is a disgrace

  14. Jeremy

    Burrow is the man, but Megan is annoying as fuck.

  15. Tyler WillIams

    Classic Marty smarter than everybody. Love how he never has actual facts to back up his arguments.

  16. Alex Murillo

    I skip to the end for the picks. No way I listen to smitty or Marty give football takes 😭🤣

  17. What’s The Deal Here

    My problem with Marty is that he is physically incapable of admitting he’s wrong. The guy would tell a brain surgeon to his face he was wrong and he was right. So god Damn annoying last week had some of the best shows ever

  18. JZ23

    Brandon is a terrible host

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