NFL Divisional Round Betting Guide: EXPERT Picks for EVERY Game | CBS Sports HQ

Brady Quinn and Pete Prisco join CBS Sports HQ to give expert picks for every NFL Divisional Round game.


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00:00 Jaguars at Chiefs Preview
06:07 Giants at Eagles Preview
10:21 Bengals at Bills Preview
16:05 Cowboys at 49ers Preview


  1. Ross

    Jags will score 13

  2. ImJustSayin Podcast

    Pete been going against Philly ALL SEASON 😂😂

    When will he learn?

  3. KneelB4lee

    I got the underdogs in all 4 games

  4. Cameron Fortney

    I took the over for for all games but the bill bengals I took Bills -5.5

  5. Eleazar Aguilar

    Jax game will be low scoring with jax upsetting

  6. Turtle Tortuga

    The NFL wants for story book fashion SF/Eagles and Bills/KC semi final and Bills/SF final with Bills winning first time…..but they might end up with cat match up Jaguars/Bengals and Cowboys/Giants then anything can happen for final 🙂

  7. Robin Davis,Jr

    Quinn JUST said the UNDER in Eagles/Giants and they said he picked over on the Graphic and he didn’t beef about it

  8. doug bosworth

    Ha there you go suckers.The NFL is a gambling empire.Rigged,fixxed and fake.Roger Goodell has a special place in hell.Ceasars Rewards!!



  10. Stephen Gaylord

    Have fun betting the under for the chiefs game🤣dont listen to that guy.

  11. Francisco Trevino

    Cowboys gonna shock the world

  12. Rico Bond

    Best show going. Pete has been slapping Brady around in the picks lately and that continues this weekend!

  13. Chad Moody BTO

    Lol, I love how the Chargers gagging is somehow their OC's fault. They put up 30 points and go 48% on 3rd downs… not a huge Joe Lombardi fan, but this is on Staley. He's just not a legit head coach.

  14. Durko Gaming

    Good thing these guys are “experts” Brady losing the viewers over -100% on best bets

  15. Mike Appignani

    I CAN'T BELIEVE How many people Like Dallas. They played Monday night. To A horrible Team. Have to travel. To The West Coast.SANFRAN IS LOADED ON OFFENSE AND DEFENSE. RUNNING 🏃 GAME AND PASSING GAME. TOO MUCH.GOOD BY DALLAS.

  16. Damien Hall

    Up 60k this year….It’s not always that away can’t lie. Last year ended down 12k.🤦🏾‍♂️Jacksonville +8 Philly -7 Cincy money line Dallas 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  17. Damien Hall

    I hit a big Parlay.Ravens Cowboys Giants..$3400💪🏾💪🏾

  18. jholliday3

    I have the Chiefs but Trevor has never lost on Saturday. Mayor of Jacksonville got one right and had a good week.

  19. ChucoTown

    Brady Quinn picking winners when he never was a winner garbage QB

  20. jholliday3

    only game I lost was the vikings…who knew the giants would play like a real nfl wildcard juggernaut.

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