NFC Championship: 49ers at Eagles BETTING PREVIEW [TOP WAGERS + MORE] I CBS Sports

NFC Championship: 49ers at Eagles BETTING PREVIEW [TOP WAGERS + MORE] I CBS Sports

NFC Championship: 49ers at Eagles BETTING PREVIEW [TOP WAGERS + MORE] I CBS Sports

Kenny White and Todd Fuhrman join CBS Sports HQ to preview NFC Championship: 49ers at Eagles


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  1. Gryanobli Barfield

    More eagles hate… it's cool.. see yall in Arizona

  2. Ed Harris

    First of all, I call this game even including the home field advantage. To me, two things will determine the outcome of the game. 1) The run differential. Philly's run defense is not as good the Cowboys' and the Niners were able to adjust and run against them in the second half. If they pick up where they left off, they can keep Jalen off the field and minimize Purdy's passing which should help with reduce potential interceptions. If the Niners run the ball better than the Eagles, I think they win. 2) Halftime adjustments. Shanahan has been a master here, often pulling away in the late third to early fourth quarter. If the game is close at halftime, then the 49ers have a shot to upset due to Shanahan's second half coaching record. On Philly's side, Niners just came away from a heavyweight beating and are still healing up while the Eagles basically breezed through the Giants. This gives them a freshness advantage but I can't say who will win – it's anybody's game and set to be a good one. I think that the Niners can do it though.

  3. MysteryShack

    Vegas sucking everyone in on 49ers

  4. Terry Stanton

    under first half is easy call + eagles cover 3

  5. milessandersisabeast 26

    The number 23 is funny let me tell you right infront of your eyes let’s see if kittle gets away with the bs he did last week

  6. milessandersisabeast 26

    Sorry pal yous just don’t like philly

  7. Harj Dhillon

    Philly has a slight edge at qb position???? Hurts is so much better than Purdy

  8. S Cbs

    So do the exact opposite of what the guys who make money off you losing say. Got it

  9. allain alva

    i am taking the niners to beat the eagles

  10. Pietro Chiaro

    The Eagles played no one??? Lol out of the last 10 opponents the 49ers played, only 1 team had a winning record. Which was the Cowboys! The 49ers looked very poor against them. Dak Prescott was the best 49er last week. The Cowboys let the 49ers off the hook.

    Eagles (-6.5)✅
    Under 47.5 ✅
    Jalen Hurts over 1.5 TD✅

  11. John Doe

    My 9ers and 10 points

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  13. Maria Torres

    Let’s go Eagles 🦅

  14. JRL

    San Fran vs bengals SB2023

  15. J Qhart

    First dude spoke exactly what I’ve been saying #FTTB

  16. Steven Cuffee

    I am taking Philadelphia in a close win. San Francisco is a great team though

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